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Degree Apprenticeships

At the University of Exeter Business School, we’re leading a future-ready revolution in education.  Our brand of Degree Apprenticeships are where theory meets practice.  We connect top-tier academia with organisations, to collaborate and to develop their talent with bespoke pathways tailored to their needs to deliver Degree Apprenticeships in Partnership with Businesses in Leadership and Management, Financial Services, Project Management and Human Resources.

By building skills we attract the best talent – we’re not just growing teams we’re shaping the future of organisations.  Our partnerships with sector leaders create elevated opportunities for apprentice to thrive in their work-space and in a world-class university.

We partner with over 400 employers, including organisations such as Amazon, JP Morgan, and the NHS. Through our Degree Apprenticeships, the University and employers form a crucial alliance, collaborating to ensure a comprehensive academic experience, as well as addressing real skills deficits and delivering the knowledge and understanding that industry tells us are in demand.  Our programmes offer remarkable versatility for employers, and we offer both “open” Degree Apprenticeships and “closed” courses, which are designed to meet the specific needs of employers.

What is even more notable about our partnership approach is that Exeter’s apprentices become the third integral member, embarking on a Degree Apprenticeship journey that is collaborative and transformative.  Our University is dedicated to providing a sector-leading student experience, and we carry this through to our Degree Apprenticeships programmes by offering our students access to our world-class academics, our support networks, and our thriving student social environment so that, in addition to working with employer partners, Degree Apprenticeship students are able to play a full part in the life of our University’s community.

Of course, underpinning our partnerships is trust.  Our position as a prestigious Russell Group University with a world-class reputation for collaborative working reassures our employer partners of our high standards and academic excellence.  And our proven track record of substantial investment, skills delivery and management of Degree Apprenticeships at scale further solidifies this trust, so that our partnerships flourish, and we can deliver exceptional learning experiences and professional development for our learners, sending them out to have successful careers and to deliver on our goals of a greener, healthier, fairer world.

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Professor Rachael Johnstone

Deputy Head of Department - Degree Apprenticeships

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Dr Olga AndrianovaLecturer in Management+44 (0) 7475 932803
Jenny AshworthAcademic Mentor
Dr Lindsay BadgerLecturer in Professional Practice in Degree Apprenticeships+44 (0) 7592955228
Dr Sarah BaileyLecturer in Leadership+44 (0) 1392 722127
Jasveena BainsAcademic Mentor
Adrian BallHead of Work Place Learning/ Academic Mentor Manager+44 (0) 7811 419400
Sara BennettAcademic Mentor+44 (0) 7876593440
Dr Stavroula BibilaSenior Lecturer
Suzannah BillingtonAcademic Mentor
Nathan BirdAcademic Mentor
Cleofe BoardLecturer Finance Degree Apprenticeships and Academic Mentor+44 (0) 1392 726107
Alexandra BoltonAcademic Mentor
Stephanie BondSenior Lecturer, Professional Practice
Alison BraggAssociate Lecturer (Degree Apprenticeships Academic Mentor)
David ButlerSenior Lecturer, Leadership & Management+44 (0) 1392 724064
Ruth ButlerAcademic Mentor 
Gary ByrneAssociate Lecturer (Degree Apprenticeships Mentor)
Claire CahillAcademic Mentor
Diana Case
David Chambers-WhiteLecturer / Academic Mentor & Lead Internal Quality Assurer for Degree Apprenticeships
Dr Rami ChehabSenior Lecturer in Finance and Technology
Alan ColganAcademic Mentor Degree Apprenticeships+44 (0) 7481 132285
Anna ColganAcademic Mentor
Russell CramAcademic Mentor in Degree Apprenticeships
Christopher DoneganLecturer in Finance
Mohamed Elshinawy
Justin Featherstone MC FRGSAdjunct lecturer on leadership+44 (0) 7712 886887
David FryerLecturer Degree Apprenticeships
Dr Deborah Goodwin OBEProgramme Director GEMBA Master in Defence and Space & Negotiation SME Senior Lecturer
Dr Lisa GroverSenior Lecturer in Degree Apprenticeships
Dawn HaynesAcademic Mentor for Degree Apprenticeship Programmes
Clare HearnSenior Lecturer
Yuxi HeluoLecturer Professional Practice (Degree Apprenticeships)
Nirosha HoltonLecturer in Management & Leadership
Zoe HorneAcademic Mentor Quality Assurance Lead for the Financial Apprenticeship programme.
Dr Seyedmehdi (Mehdi) HosseiniSenior Lecturer in Finance
Dr Yan HuangSenior Lecturer in Finance and Financial Services Professional Apprenticeship
Dr Rumana HuqSenior Lecturer in Finance
Jamal IsmayilovAssociate Lecturer
John JacksonAcademic Mentor
Lauren JarmanAcademic Mentor
Christian JenkinsAcademic Mentor
Rachael JohnstoneAssociate Dean for Taught Students (DA) & Director of the Centre for Degree Apprenticeships+44 (0) 1392 722011
Clare LukeAcademic Mentor
Stephanie MckayAcademic Mentor
Steve McLauchlanAcademic Mentor
Ali MorrisAssociate Lecturer (Degree Apprenticeships Mentor)
Sam MullinsAcademic Mentor
Narmin NahidiLecturer in Finance and Management , MSc International Business Online Programme Director, Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist Level 7 Convener+447570274922
Dr Ricki NavaeiAssociate Lecturer, Academic Mentor for Degree Apprenticeships
Ben PepperAcademic Mentor
Dr Julie PepperProgramme Director Operations/ Departmental Manager Apprenticeship & Senior Lecturer
Jade Phillips+44 (0) 1392 723155
Lindsey PooleAcademic Mentor
Sharon PotterAcademic Mentor
Emma Prudden
Colin RobsonAssociate Lecturer / Academic Mentor+44 (0) 7968 483231
Sarah RoseAssociate Lecturer (Academic Mentor)
Stephen RoseAcademic Mentor
Thomas SiskSenior Lecturer Finance+44 (0) 1392 725665
Gemma SmaleAcademic Mentor
Colleen SmithLecturer/Academic Mentor & Internal Quality Assurer for Degree Apprenticeships
Karen SquireSenior Lecturer in Leadership and Management+44 (0) 1392 726384
Jamie StewartSenior Lecturer (Cohort Lead MBA Degree Apprenticeships)
Dr Alison SydenhamLecturer in Degree Apprenticeships+44 (0) 1392 725590
Tim SyngeLecturer in Finance & Accounting+44 (0) 1392 725269
Sue TreziseAcademic Mentor
Dr Michelle TrottierSenior Lecturer in Management
Sabine TuckettAssociate Lecturer
Sarah Tudor she/ herDirector of Education for Degree Apprenticeships in the Business School and the Senior Lead for Assessment & Progression in the Centre for Degree Partnerships
Jenny Tunley PriceLecturer in Applied Management
Morgen WitzelFellow
Nick WorthingtonSenior Lecturer+44 (0) 7538 112115
Oliver YoungAssociate Dean for Taught Students and Chief Diversity Officer