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Established industry leaders join DIGIT Lab to accelerate digital transformation impact

DIGIT Lab, the UK’s National Research Centre for digital transformation in Large Established Organizations (LEOs), has announced its inaugural cohort of digital impact fellows.

Forest emissions scheme makes “tiny” contribution to Indonesia’s Paris targets

More than 70 million tons of carbon were prevented from being released into the atmosphere under a deforestation emissions reduction scheme in Indonesia – but researchers point out this is only 3 per cent of the total required by Indonesia’s Nationally Defined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement.

University of Exeter Business School accredited with Small Business Charter Award

The University of Exeter Business School has been awarded the Small Business Charter in recognition of its commitment to supporting student entrepreneurship, small businesses and the local economy.

Shared political views have moderating influence on cross-border mergers and acquisitions

Investors react more negatively to transactions between firms in different countries if there is evidence of weak political affinity, a new study suggests.

Business School’s Centre for Leadership announces new Fellows

Five new Fellows have this month been appointed to the University of Exeter Business School’s Centre for Leadership.

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