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Scientists explore potential to manipulate genes to control invasive species

Scientists are manipulating genes that could solve environmental sustainability and conservation problems in Australian environments.

New national circular economy coordinators announced

First investment of a £30m initiative supporting the UK’s transition to a circular economy

Beach clean data could boost science

Beach cleans can provide vital information on plastic pollution, researchers say.

Fake government bill encourages discussion about the future of our public services

Professor in Digital Economy, Mark Thompson has created a spoof government bill on digital transformation which fooled several senior government people and has been widely shared. The bill relates to his research on public platforms and was made with the intention of encouraging discussion about the future of how our public services operate.

Perception of when its acceptable to sacrifice one person to save a larger group led by cultural differences, research shows

Cultural differences play a pivotal role in how people in different parts of the world perceive when it is acceptable to sacrifice one person to save a larger group, new research has shown.

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