Employability Sessions for Chinese Students

The China Career Ready Programme offers six bespoke employability sessions during Autumn Term to help Chinese students plan for their career. These sessions have been designed by highly qualified careers professionals to help you understand the recruitment processes in both the UK and China.

To attend a session please book a place via Handshake. Sessions will be advertised to Chinese students via this section, email and WeChat during Autumn Term. 

Trying to understand what a graduate job is, when you have to apply and how you apply can be completely overwhelming, especially for Masters students, who will need to start the application process within the first few weeks of their course! This session breaks down all the information into manageable chunks; we explain key deadline dates, how recruiters shortlist and introduce you to online tests.

Whether you are applying for jobs in China or the UK having an English and Mandarin CV will be a top requirement. This session will highlight the similarities and differences between the two types of CVs and will also provide tips on how to write about your study abroad experiences. Having worked with Chinese students for many years the lecturer will share common mistakes students make on their CVs and provide tips on how to overcome them.

Chinese recruitment specialist Lockin China will deliver a 2 hour workshop about the Chinese Recruitment Process. The highly experienced recruiters will talk you through the latest application advice and demonstrate how to succeed at interviews and assessment centres in China.

This workshop will be run by a qualified linguistics trainer who will guide you through the process of improving your English Language skills for the work environment. The workshop will focus on areas of pronunciation that are challenging for mandarin speakers and provide you with strategies to improve your fluency.

Learning about your personality can help you understand your strengths, weaknesses and how you interact with others. This session will help you to uncover how you work with other people, which can boost your success in the workplace and even help during group work tasks on your degree course. We will use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to explore your personality preferences; for example, do you have a preference for Introversion or Extroversion? This may affect the type of office environment you want to work in, or the way you respond in meetings. This 1 hour interactive lecture is guaranteed to uncover some interesting parts of your personality!

Getting some UK work experience on your CV while you are studying in the UK can be extremely worthwhile and will improve your chances of getting a graduate job. Sadly it can be difficult to find work experience opportunities, especially if you are a postgraduate student. This session will explain the difficulties and give top tips on how to break down the barriers and find a relevant UK internship. 

Further information

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