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India Career Ready Programme

Why India Career Ready? Who is India Career Ready for

The India Career Ready Programme combines a bespoke online learning programme and live workshops to give Indian students at Exeter tailored guidance with their career planning, whether they want to work in the UK or back in India after graduation. This programme, led by our Employability & Placement Consultants, focuses on helping students understand the differences between the graduate recruitment markets in both India and the UK and what students need to do to succeed in either environment. India Career Ready was created in the Business school but is available to all students across the university.

Indian students often need some extra help with their career planning because:

  • The majority of Indian students want to work in the UK after their studies
  • There are some major differences between finding and applying for jobs in the UK and in India
  • Indian employers and UK employers want very different things
  • Indian students will need a working visa to stay in the UK
  • UK CVs and cover letters are different from Indian resumes

Are you a student from the UK or another country who wants to work in India?

As India Career Ready contains helpful information about the Indian graduate labour market, application and selection processes used in India and information about how to conduct an Indian job search from the UK, it will also be of interest to any other students who wish to work in India during or after their studies.

India Career Ready also offers a range of live bookable employability workshops, which supplement the online course:

  • Finding Graduate Opportunities in the UK (and India)
  • UK CVs and Cover Letters
  • Finding Internships and other Work Experience in the UK
  • Communicating across Cultures
  • How I got hired in the UK (Alumni Panel)

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Further information

If you are a Business School student looking for careers support outside of India Career Ready, you can book a one-to-one appointment on Handshake, search and book a range of careers events and view our other employability schemes on the Career Zone pages.

Contact us

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How does it work?

India Career Ready is a programme of two parts, an online resource for students to work through at their own pace, and a series of virtual workshops running throughout the year.

India Career Ready online includes topics such as;

  • How to Impress UK Employers as an Indian Student
  • How to Gain Work Experience and Internships in the UK
  • How to Find Graduate Jobs in India
  • How to Stand Out in the Indian Graduate Labour Market (and Compete with India-Educated Students)
  • How To Impress Indian Employers with Your UK Education

Access India Career Ready online

India Career Ready virtual workshops complements India Career Ready online. Each year we also arrange some talks from Indian alumni. Workshops are searchable and bookable on Handshake

India Career Ready workshops and sessions

The India Career Ready online content is available for you to access at any time during your studies.

The India Career Ready Programme offers four bespoke employability sessions to help Indian students plan for their career. It is also available to students from any other country who wish to work in India during or after their studies. These sessions have been designed by highly qualified careers professionals to help you understand the recruitment processes in both the UK and India.

All India Career Ready sessions are designed to complement the online content. You will get the most out of the sessions if you view the online content first. Access India Career Ready here. You can book onto the workshops by searching ‘India Career Ready’ on the Handshake events page.

Finding Graduate Opportunities in the UK

This workshop will unpick the similarities and differences between recruitment in the UK and in India. This session is tailored towards Indian students who want to understand the graduate labour market in the UK. We will explore job search strategies and the many opportunities to enhance your skills and experience while studying at Exeter. You will learn where, when and how to search for jobs and the specific skills UK employers are looking for so that you are prepared and ready to start to apply for work in the UK. 

UK CVs and Cover Letters

A UK CV has many similarities to an Indian resume but also some big differences. Whether you want to find part-time job in the UK during your studies or are looking to apply for graduate roles, you will need to understand how to write a tailored CV and impactful cover letter. This workshop will focus on helping you to develop these skills.

Finding Internships and other Work Experience in the UK

This workshop will help you identify opportunities to gain work experience in the UK including internships and university schemes which you are eligible to apply for. We will explore strategies including maximising your own networks, building relationships on social media and reaching out to employers and alumni.

Hear from Indian Alumni

Join Indian Exeter alumni from a range of disciplines to hear their experiences of entering the labour market both in India and in the UK. Sign up to this session to hear top tips on graduate recruitment, how to keep positive and succeed and avail of the opportunity to ask your own questions and learn from their graduate journeys.

Further information

Should you require further information about these sessions please email us:

Book workshops: search ‘India Career Ready’ on the Handshake events page to see details of upcoming workshops and to book in.