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University of Exeter Business School

Executive Education

Our suite of executive training and development programmes relate to our core themes of expertise in environmental sustainability, responsible leadership and technological transformation.

Designed by our top academics using the latest research and practice, our programmes will enable you to gain the practical knowledge and skills required in today’s business environment, helping you to operate more effectively, accelerate business growth and build resilience.

We specialise in designing programmes that enable you to manage the competing demands of work, study and other life commitments. You'll gain the tools and skills to apply your learning immediately, so you can be the most effective, responsible professional you can be.

We also offer custom programmes which are made specially for your organisation. We take a collaborative approach, working closely with you to understand your specific needs, goals, and organisational culture. We then co-create a bespoke learning experience that equips your people with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe that business has a crucial role to play in tackling the global climate emergency, and endeavour to impact positive change in the region and worldwide. Our commitment to sustainability and climate action is embedded into all aspects of our work, from research to teaching and outreach.

We offer the following open programmes: 

Circular Economy Masterclass

Duration 6 weeks

Cost £1,750

Next cohort 30 September - 1 December 2024

Interactive Circular Economy Masterclass, learn how to harness the Circular Economy to make positive and sustainable business decisions.

Looking for a learning solution that directly addresses your organisation's unique challenges? Our custom programmes are tailored made to enhance your environmental sustainability efforts, including modules such as:  

  • Systems thinking as applied to sustainability 
  • Climate change, impacts and mitigation  
  • Biodiversity and nature positive 
  • Natural capital – bringing the environment into economic policy and decision making  
  • Water security and resilience 
  • Circular economy 
  • Energy transitions to Net Zero
  • Positive tipping points to transform global societies  
  • Bringing sustainability into the Board Room.  

Responsible Leadership

Our new world leadership approach is driven by sustainable development and social responsibility and seeks to promote more than an organisation's economic and financial objectives – encouraging leaders to protect and develop the resources entrusted to them by society. 

We offer the following open programmes: 

Help to Grow Management Programme

A student holding a tablet.

Duration 12 weeks

Fees £750

Dates Flexible start dates

Our Help to Grow Management Course is a practical management training programme for senior managers of small and medium-sized businesses, accredited by the Small Business Charter. 

Leading Now: Tools for Successful Leadership in the 21st Century

Duration 4 weeks

Fees £1,950

Dates TBC

The Leading Now programme equips leaders with research-driven insights and a unique framework for navigating complex challenges. This programme goes beyond traditional leadership education, addressing new responsibilities and challenges with advanced, research-guided insights. 

Looking for a learning solution that directly addresses your organisation's unique challenges? Our custom programmes are tailored made to develop effective leadership, including modules such as:  

  • Leadership concepts and their effectiveness  
  • Ethical leadership 
  • Systems thinking in industry 
  • The power of networks 
  • Leadership agility in a VUCA world 
  • Leadership and AI: The future of work 
  • Leadership and wellbeing 
  • ED&I as a means to utilise strengths. 

Technological Transformation

The digital age has revolutionised business and the rate of change is still accelerating. We are re-imagining business, aligning our ideas and innovations with new business processes, culture, and customer experiences. Our academics are at the forefront of examining how organisations can harness the power of technological transformation in a socially responsible way.    

Taught by leading experts in digital transformation, our executive education programmes, provide participants with the practical tools to apply the suite of new digital technologies, (AI, Data Analytics, Cyber-Security, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain) within their organisation and to take advantage of the enormous opportunities the digital economy provides. 

We offer the following open programmes:

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Duration 6 weeks

Fees £1,250

Next cohort TBC

Stay ahead of competitors and boost your firm's efficiency with this six-week AI programme for business executives. Learn key AI concepts and practical applications from experts, equipping you to implement AI responsibly and thrive in the digital economy.

Looking for a learning solution that directly addresses your organisation's unique challenges? Our custom programmes are tailored made to drive technological transformation, including modules such as:  

  • ‘The Digital 101’: An essential primer for executives  
  • Redesigning your strategy around cloud, emerging tech, and data  
  • Technology and digital enablers for change 
  • Designing new digital services through Accelerated Agile Discovery 
  • Transforming Government and public services.  

Partnerships in action

We partner with employers from across the UK on Executive Education programmes that deliver real change and provide the skills and knowledge to build a resilient workforce.