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Masters modules

Postgraduate Module List

Accounting & Finance modules

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Investment Analysis DissertationBEAM007(View on ELE)
Advanced Financial AccountingBEAM024(View on ELE)
Advanced Management AccountingBEAM025(View on ELE)
Topics in Financial EconomicsBEAM029(View on ELE)
Financial InstrumentsBEAM031(View on ELE)
Investment Analysis 1BEAM032(View on ELE)
Banking and Financial ServicesBEAM033(View on ELE)
Derivatives PricingBEAM035(View on ELE)
Domestic and International Portfolio ManagementBEAM036(View on ELE)
Investment Analysis 2BEAM038(View on ELE)
International Financial ManagementBEAM042(View on ELE)
Accounting for International ManagersBEAM045(View on ELE)
Financial ModellingBEAM046(View on ELE)
Fundamentals of Financial ManagementBEAM047(View on ELE)
Advanced Corporate FinanceBEAM050(View on ELE)
Corporate Finance and GovernanceBEAM052(View on ELE)
Mergers, Management Buyouts and Other Corporate ReorganizationsBEAM053(View on ELE)
Masters Dissertation (Accounting and Taxation)BEAM062(View on ELE)
Work Based ProjectBEAM064(View on ELE)
Bank ManagementBEAM065(View on ELE)
Banking and Finance Research ProjectBEAM066(View on ELE)
Accounting, Accounts and Accountability: examining its everyday useBEAM068(View on ELE)
Principles of FinanceBEAM072(View on ELE)
Applied Empirical Accounting and Finance BEAM078(View on ELE)
Coding Analytics for Accounting and FinanceBEAM079(View on ELE)
Finance for International ManagersBEAM080Z(View on ELE)
Accounting for Managerial Decision MakingBEAM081Z(View on ELE)
Sustainable FinanceBEAM082Z(View on ELE)
Sustainable Finance ProjectBEAM101(View on ELE)
Financial Statement AnalysisBEFM011(View on ELE)
Portfolio Management and Asset AllocationBEFM015(View on ELE)
Equity Valuation Models and IssuesBEFM016(View on ELE)
Credit Instruments and DerivativesBEFM017(View on ELE)
Quantitative Research MethodsBEFM022(View on ELE)
Professional Standards and DevelopmentBEFM024(View on ELE)
Applied ProjectBEFM025(View on ELE)
DissertationBEFM027(View on ELE)
CFA Training and DevelopmentBEFM028(View on ELE)
Finance MRes DissertationBEFM029(View on ELE)

Economics modules

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Applied Econometrics 1BEEM011(View on ELE)
Applied Econometrics 2BEEM012(View on ELE)
Health EconomicsBEEM014(View on ELE)
Industrial Economics and StrategyBEEM015(View on ELE)
Fundamentals of Financial TechnologyBEEM061(View on ELE)
Advanced Financial TechnologyBEEM062(View on ELE)
Hackathon ProjectBEEM063(View on ELE)
MacroeconomicsBEEM100(View on ELE)
MicroeconomicsBEEM101(View on ELE)
Quantitative Research Techniques 1BEEM102(View on ELE)
Optimisation Techniques for EconomistsBEEM103(View on ELE)
Quantitative Research Techniques 2BEEM112(View on ELE)
Research Design and DissertationBEEM115(View on ELE)
Economics of Corporate FinanceBEEM117(View on ELE)
Economics of BankingBEEM119(View on ELE)
Macroeconomics of Money and Financial MarketsBEEM120(View on ELE)
DissertationBEEM124(View on ELE)
Experimental and Behavioural EconomicsBEEM125(View on ELE)
Behavioural Choice and Financial Decision MakingBEEM126(View on ELE)
Advanced Microeconomics IBEEM128(View on ELE)
Advanced Microeconomics IIBEEM129(View on ELE)
Advanced Macroeconomics IBEEM130(View on ELE)
Advanced Macroeconomics IIBEEM131(View on ELE)
Mathematics for Economic ResearchBEEM132(View on ELE)
Research DissertationBEEM133(View on ELE)
Research Methods IBEEM136(View on ELE)
Microeconomic Theory IBEEM137(View on ELE)
Macroeconomic Theory IBEEM138(View on ELE)
Econometric Theory IBEEM139(View on ELE)
Microeconomic Theory IIBEEM140(View on ELE)
Macroeconomic Theory IIBEEM141(View on ELE)
Econometric Theory IIBEEM142(View on ELE)
Research Methods IIBEEM143(View on ELE)
Topics in Microeconomic Theory IBEEM144(View on ELE)
Topics in Macroeconomic Theory IBEEM145(View on ELE)
Topics in Empirical Economics IBEEM146(View on ELE)
Topics in Microeconomic Theory IIBEEM147(View on ELE)
Topics in Macroeconomic Theory IIBEEM148(View on ELE)
Topics in Empirical Economics IIBEEM149(View on ELE)
DissertationBEEM150(View on ELE)
Behavioural Development EconomicsBEEM152(View on ELE)
Economics of Public FinanceBEEM154(View on ELE)
Development EconomicsBEEM155(View on ELE)
Applied Development Economics ProjectBEEM156(View on ELE)
Behavioural FinanceBEEM157(View on ELE)
Law for FinTechBEEM159(View on ELE)
Development Research Methods: Surveys and ExperimentsBEEM160(View on ELE)
Smart ContractsBEEM161(View on ELE)
Environmental EconomicsBEEM494Z(View on ELE)

Management modules

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Leading, Managing and Developing PeopleBEMM041(View on ELE)
Resourcing and Talent ManagementBEMM042(View on ELE)
Human Resource Management in ContextBEMM043(View on ELE)
Human Resource Development (HRD)BEMM044(View on ELE)
Employment RelationsBEMM045(View on ELE)
Employment LawBEMM046(View on ELE)
HR SkillsBEMM048(View on ELE)
Research MethodsBEMM049(View on ELE)
Masters Dissertation (HRM)BEMM056(View on ELE)
Management Research ReportBEMM057(View on ELE)
International Human Resource ManagementBEMM059(View on ELE)
Quantitative Research MethodsBEMM065(View on ELE)
Qualitative Research MethodsBEMM066(View on ELE)
Business and Management Research DesignBEMM067(View on ELE)
Managing Competitive StrategyBEMM068(View on ELE)
Marketing and New Product InnovationBEMM069(View on ELE)
Leadership and Global ChallengesBEMM071(View on ELE)
Advanced Marketing SeminarsBEMM103(View on ELE)
Foundations of Strategy and LeadershipBEMM111DA(View on ELE)
Financial and Business Data AnalysisBEMM112DA(View on ELE)
Work Based Learning Project 1. Analysing Our Strategic ContextBEMM113DA(View on ELE)
Managing OperationsBEMM114(View on ELE)
Marketing Analysis and ResearchBEMM115(View on ELE)
Principles of International BusinessBEMM116(View on ELE)
Strategic Innovation ManagementBEMM118(View on ELE)
Understanding Consumer BehaviourBEMM120(View on ELE)
HR Strategy and ContextBEMM124DA(View on ELE)
HR Skills and BehavioursBEMM125DA(View on ELE)
Purchasing and Supply Chain ManagementBEMM126(View on ELE)
Brand DesignBEMM128(View on ELE)
Digital Business ModelsBEMM129(View on ELE)
Management Research Report and PresentationBEMM130DA(View on ELE)
Working in PracticeBEMM131DA(View on ELE)
Marketing StrategyBEMM148(View on ELE)
Business Project (MSc International Management)BEMM149(View on ELE)
Business and Management Research SkillsBEMM158(View on ELE)
Consumption, Markets and CultureBEMM164(View on ELE)
Integrated Marketing CommunicationsBEMM166(View on ELE)
Global Career Management - Theory and PracticeBEMM170(View on ELE)
Future Trends for International ManagementBEMM171(View on ELE)
Strategy for International ManagersBEMM172(View on ELE)
International Operations ManagementBEMM173(View on ELE)
Innovation ManagementBEMM178(View on ELE)
Leading and Managing PeopleBEMM211DA(View on ELE)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Digital EraBEMM212DA(View on ELE)
Work Based Learning Project 2. Innovation ProjectBEMM213DA(View on ELE)
Marketing in PracticeBEMM215(View on ELE)
Advanced Research Methods and AnalysisBEMM216(View on ELE)
Macro-Level Organisation TheoryBEMM217(View on ELE)
Micro-Level Organisation TheoryBEMM219(View on ELE)
Managing Change in OrganisationsBEMM220(View on ELE)
Agile InnovationBEMM222(View on ELE)
Operations and Project Management BEMM223(View on ELE)
Funding, Accounting and FinanceBEMM224(View on ELE)
Dissertation (Marketing)BEMM250(View on ELE)
Dissertation (Management)BEMM251(View on ELE)
Digital Transformation BEMM257DA(View on ELE)
Entrepreneurship for ChangeBEMM258DA(View on ELE)
The Influential LeaderBEMM259DA(View on ELE)
Environmental EconomicsBEMM260DA(View on ELE)
Sustainable FinanceBEMM261DA(View on ELE)
Research ProjectBEMM262DA(View on ELE)
Dissertation for MRes MgtBEMM355(View on ELE)
Tourism and MarketingBEMM374(View on ELE)
Sustainable Tourism ManagementBEMM375(View on ELE)
Current Issues in International BusinessBEMM383(View on ELE)
International Business Plan BEMM384(View on ELE)
Entrepreneur Business StartupBEMM385(View on ELE)
Business Law and Mitigating RiskBEMM386(View on ELE)
People ManagementBEMM388(View on ELE)
Business Analytics and Research SkillsBEMM389(View on ELE)
Fundamentals of ManagementBEMM390(View on ELE)
Sustainability, CSR and Business EthicsBEMM391(View on ELE)
Summer SchoolBEMM392(View on ELE)
Entrepreneurship: New Venture CreationBEMM394(View on ELE)
HR AnalyticsBEMM395(View on ELE)
Marketing for ManagementBEMM455(View on ELE)
Organisational Management and LeadershipBEMM456(View on ELE)
Topics in Business Analytics BEMM457(View on ELE)
Programming for Business AnalyticsBEMM458(View on ELE)
Database Technologies for Business Analytics BEMM459(View on ELE)
Statistics and Mathematics for Business AnalyticsBEMM460(View on ELE)
Analytics and Visualisation for Managers and ConsultantsBEMM461(View on ELE)
Operations AnalyticsBEMM462(View on ELE)
Marketing AnalyticsBEMM463(View on ELE)
Strategic and HR AnalyticsBEMM464(View on ELE)
Environmental AnalyticsBEMM465(View on ELE)
Business ProjectBEMM466(View on ELE)
Comparative HRM in contextBEMM470(View on ELE)
Introduction to Data AnalyticsBEMM471(View on ELE)
International HRM in PracticeBEMM472(View on ELE)
Talent in OrganisationsBEMM473(View on ELE)
Design IntelligenceBEMM486(View on ELE)
Entrepreneurship: Venture LaunchBEMM487(View on ELE)
Entrepreneurship and Complete Sustainable Value CreationBEMM488(View on ELE)
Making Change HappenBEMM489Z(View on ELE)
International Business and GlobalisationBEMM490Z(View on ELE)
Cross-Cultural ManagementBEMM491Z(View on ELE)
International Business Project - Planning in PracticeBEMM492Z(View on ELE)
Global MarketsBEMM493Z(View on ELE)
Responsible LeadershipBEMM495Z(View on ELE)
Digital TransformationBEMM496Z(View on ELE)
Supply Chain AnalyticsBEMM497Z(View on ELE)
EntrepreneurshipBEMM498Z(View on ELE)
Strategic ManagementBEMM607(View on ELE)
Digital Marketing and SocietyBEMM775(View on ELE)
Applied Digital Marketing AnalyticsBEMM778(View on ELE)
Content Creation and CommunicationBEMM779(View on ELE)
Consumer Behaviour in the Digital EnvironmentBEMM780(View on ELE)
Contemporary Digital Marketing Themes BEMM781(View on ELE)
Digital Marketing PlanningBEMM782(View on ELE)
Supply Chain AnalyticsBEMM783(View on ELE)
Operations ManagementBEMM784(View on ELE)
Operations ProjectBEMM785(View on ELE)
Service Design and InnovationBEMM786(View on ELE)
HR Strategy, Context and PerformanceBEMM787(View on ELE)
People Management, Skills and BehavioursBEMM788(View on ELE)
Sports Management Business PlanBEMM789(View on ELE)
Resourcing and Talent DevelopmentBEMM908DA(View on ELE)
Employment Relations and Employment LawBEMM909DA(View on ELE)
Employee Relations, Performance and Employment LawBEMM910DA(View on ELE)

BSc Business modules (Penryn Campus only)

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Major ProjectBEPM001(View on ELE)
Biomimicry and Circular Economy Design PrinciplesBEPM002(View on ELE)
Business Transformation Case StudyBEPM003(View on ELE)

Personal & professional development modules

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Postgraduate Employability and Careers DevelopmentBSDM101(View on ELE)

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Fundamentals of SecurityECMM460(View on ELE)

MBA modules

Module titleCodeELE link
(current students)
Economics for ManagersMBAM905(View on ELE)
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM906(View on ELE)
StrategyMBAM907(View on ELE)
Strategic and Responsbile InnovationMBAM909(View on ELE)
The Entrepreneurial MindsetMBAM912(View on ELE)
MBA ProjectMBAM914(View on ELE)
The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Process: Starting Successful New VenturesMBAM915(View on ELE)
The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Process: Starting Successful New VenturesMBAM915B(View on ELE)
Business-to-Business MarketingMBAM932(View on ELE)
Sustainable FinanceMBAM934(View on ELE)
Sustainable FinanceMBAM934B(View on ELE)
Managing Around the WorldMBAM935B(View on ELE)
MBA International ExperiencesMBAM936B(View on ELE)
Leading in the 4th Industrial RevolutionMBAM938(View on ELE)
Business Models in ContextMBAM939B(View on ELE)
Igniting Change in BusinessMBAM941(View on ELE)
Leading Resilient OrganisationsMBAM942(View on ELE)
Leading Resilient OrganisationsMBAM942B(View on ELE)
MarketingMBAM946(View on ELE)
Leadership Skills ExpeditionMBAM947(View on ELE)
Leadership Skills ExpeditionMBAM947B(View on ELE)
LeadershipMBAM948(View on ELE)
Personal TransformationsMBAM949(View on ELE)
Circular Economy Corporate ChallengeMBAM950(View on ELE)
NegotiationMBAM951(View on ELE)
Accounting and FinanceMBAM953(View on ELE)
Tackling Global Challenges and Developing an Ethical PerspectiveMBAM954(View on ELE)
Behavioural Economics in PracticeMBAM955(View on ELE)
Behavioural Economics in PracticeMBAM955B(View on ELE)
Responsible Business in ContextMBAM956(View on ELE)
HRM and the Future of Work (is Now)MBAM958(View on ELE)
HRM and the Future of Work (is Now)MBAM958B(View on ELE)
Digital Service DesignMBAM959(View on ELE)
Digital Service DesignMBAM959B(View on ELE)
Achieving Enduring SuccessMBAM960(View on ELE)
Designing a Better Future for AllMBAM961(View on ELE)
Creating the NewMBAM962(View on ELE)
Creating the NewMBAM962B(View on ELE)
Leading with PurposeMBAM963(View on ELE)
Understanding Our WorldMBAM964(View on ELE)
Digital Marketing and CommunicationsMBAM965(View on ELE)
Digital Marketing and CommunicationsMBAM965B(View on ELE)
Strategic Sales ManagementMBAM966(View on ELE)
Strategic Sales ManagementMBAM966B(View on ELE)
Career Ready SpecialismMBAM967(View on ELE)
Applied Skills: Becoming an Effective NegotiatorMBAM967B(View on ELE)