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Department of Management

Dr Steven Boyne

Dr Steven Boyne

Lecturer in Management


 +44 (0) 1329 723211

 Streatham Court 0.74


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Dr Steven Boyne is the Programme Director for the BSc Marketing and Management programme and a Lecturer in Marketing at our Business School.

Steven is an experienced higher education teacher who has delivered education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the UK and EU.   

Prior to joining the University of Exeter Bussiness School in 2016, Steven was an Assistant Professor in Tourism Management at Aalborg University’s Copenhagen Campus, Denmark.

Steven’s early career in research focused on issues related to the marketing of tourism in rural areas and his PhD research focused on leadership and organisational psychology in the context of leadership in the hospitality sector. 

Steven now draws on his research skills and experience to inform his teaching, which focuses mainly on marketing and statistical analysis.

Nationality: British

Administrative responsibilities

  • Programme Director BSc Marketing and Management

  • Deputy Director of Research Ethics (Business School)

  • Research Ethics Officer (Department of Management - Business Strategy and Marketing)

  • ASPIRE PRP Mentor and Assessor



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Research interests

Research experience

Steven’s doctoral studies (Bournemouth University, School of Tourism) employed an organisational psychology / organisational behaviour approach to evaluate the influence of leader behaviour on employee work motivation in hospitality service settings. This included the development of a theoretical model, data collection through a respondent-completed questionnaire and structural equation modelling.

Prior to his PhD studies, Steven worked for ten years with the Leisure and Tourism Management Department at Scotland’s Rural College (at that time, the Scottish Agricultural College, SAC).  Steven’s research and consultancy focused on issues related to tourism destination development and management in rural areas.  His main interests included food tourism (internet marketing), social impacts of rural tourism, VFR (visiting friends and relatives) tourism, and training needs for tourism SMEs. He also led a consumer studies work package for a large European Commission Framework 6 project focused on food safety.

Steven has extensive experience in the design and implementation of focus groups, face-to-face interviews, large-scale postal surveys and online surveys. To analyse the data collected, he has used a range of nonparametric and parametric statistical analyses including multivariate techniques such as exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, cluster analysis and structural equation modelling. 

Selected publications


Boyne, S. (2019). Quantitative Methods in Tourism: A Handbook (Book Review). Tourism Management, 70, 11-12.

Boyne, S. (2016). VFR Travel Research: International Perspectives (Book Review). Tourism Management, 53, 173-174.

Boyne, S. (2011) Practical Tourism Research (Book Review). Tourism Analysis, 16 (6), 747-748.

Boyne, S. and Hall, D. (2004). Place promotion through food and tourism: rural branding and the role of websites. Journal of Place Branding, 1 (1), 80-92.

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Boyne, S., Hall, D. and Williams, F. (2003). Integrating sectors and efforts: communities, agencies, food and tourism in rural development.  Proceedings from the Gastronomy and Tourism ATLAS Expert Meeting, Sondrio (Italy), 21-23 November.  In Collen, J. and Richards, G. (eds).  The Journal of the Academy of Regional Gastronomy (Academie voor de Streekgebonden Gastronomie), 75-91.

Hall, D. and Boyne, S. (1999). Peripheral environments, tourism and change. Environmental Scientist, 8(3): 1-4.

Book chapters

Boyne, S. and Hall, D. (2007) The Isle of Arran Taste Trail, in McDonnell, I. (ed.), eTravel and Tourism: marketing and management techniques, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.

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Hay, B. and Boyne, S. (2002) Collecting tourism statistics: pitfalls on the road to clarity, in Probáld, A. (ed.) Proceedings of the Sixth International Forum on Tourism Statistics, Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Budapest, pp. 415-427.

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Boyne, S., Hall, D. R. and Carswell, F. J. (2002) Reconceptualising VFR tourism: friends, relatives and migration in a domestic context, in Williams, A.M. and Hall, C.M. (eds), Tourism and migration: new relationships between production and consumption, Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp. 241-256.

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Boyne, S., Hall, D. and Gallagher, C. (2000) The fall and rise of peripherality: tourism and restructuring on Bute, in Brown, F. and Hall, D. (eds) Tourism in peripheral areas, Channel View Publications, pp. 101 - 113.

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Steven’s teaching centres on the areas of marketing and statistics for marketing, management and business.  

Steven’s approach to teaching statistics is highly applied, helping students to ‘apply’ statistical analysis rather focus on the mathematical foundations for statistical analysis.  That is, Steven’s statistics and quantitative methods modules focus on how to choose the correct statistical procedure for each hypothesis that is to be tested, how to run that test, and how to interpret the findings.  Steven’s teaching also extends into matters of data collection such as survey design an, at the ‘other end of the process’, how to create meaning from our analyses and consider the implications of our findings.



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