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Department of Management

Dr Lalitha Dhamotharan

Dr Lalitha Dhamotharan

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics


 Streatham Court 0.31


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Dr Lalitha Dhamotharan is a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics at the University of Exeter Business School. She holds a PhD in Econometrics with a focus on International Finance. Before joining the University of Exeter, she was a Postgraduate Researcher as well as Hub of All Things (HAT) Research and Policy Manager for an EPSRC funded project at the University of Warwick. She also has experience in teaching for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course at the University of Warwick. Lalitha worked as a Senior Analyst dealing with research and policies issues on the various sector in South East Asia in Malaysia.


  • Ph.D

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Research interests

  • Econometrics
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Behavioural Experiments
  • Game theory

Lalitha’s work is transdisciplinary with core activities in econometrics and supply chain but serving a larger purpose on managerial strategy and policy insights. She has an interest in the interplay between psychology and economics on what drives individuals’ actions, and how to improve the outcome of those actions by highlighting the cognitive biases.

Research projects

Lalitha is currently working on cap-and-trade model and signalling behaviour. She is also working on a field experiment on charitable giving examining decision making when respondents are indifferent to the choice. She has supervised MSc students on various topics including game-theoretic models for logistics and aviation industry, supplier evaluation models incorporating risk factors, the ecological footprint of the manufacturing industry in a developed nation, intention to use and perceived privacy of mHealth applications in China. 

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Journal articles

Seera M, Lim CP, Kumar A, Dhamotharan L, Tan KH (2024). An intelligent payment card fraud detection system. ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH, 334(1-3), 445-467.  Author URL.
Qian Z, Day SJ, Ignatius J, Dhamotharan L, Chai J (2024). Digital advertising spillover, online-exclusive product launches, and manufacturer-remanufacturer competition. European Journal of Operational Research, 313(2), 565-586.
Srivastava PR, Eachempati P, Kumar A, Jha AK, Dhamotharan L (2023). Best strategy to win a match: an analytical approach using hybrid machine learning-clustering-association rule framework. Annals of Operations Research, 325(1), 319-361. Abstract.
Feng Y, Yin Y, Wang D, Dhamotharan L, Ignatius J, Kumar A (2023). Diabetic patient review helpfulness: unpacking online drug treatment reviews by text analytics and design science approach. Annals of Operations Research, 328(1), 387-418. Abstract.
Yang Y, Yin Y, Wang D, Ignatius J, Cheng TCE, Dhamotharan L (2023). Distributionally robust multi-period location-allocation with multiple resources and capacity levels in humanitarian logistics. European Journal of Operational Research, 305(3), 1042-1062.
Ebrahimi B, Dhamotharan L, Ghasemi MR, Charles V (2022). A cross-inefficiency approach based on the deviation variables framework. Omega (United Kingdom), 111 Abstract.
Feng Y, Yin Y, Wang D, Dhamotharan L (2022). A dynamic ensemble selection method for bank telemarketing sales prediction. Journal of Business Research, 139, 368-382. Abstract.
Zou Y, Wu H, Yin Y, Dhamotharan L, Chen D, Tiwari AK (2022). An improved transformer model with multi-head attention and attention to attention for low-carbon multi-depot vehicle routing problem. ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH  Author URL.
Cui S, Wang D, Yin Y, Fan X, Dhamotharan L, Kumar A (2022). Carbon trading price prediction based on a two-stage heterogeneous ensemble method. ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH  Author URL.
Kumar R, Mukherjee S, Choi T-M, Dhamotharan L (2022). Mining voices from self-expressed messages on social-media: Diagnostics of mental distress during COVID-19. Decis Support Syst, 162 Abstract.  Author URL.
Chen D, Sun D, Yin Y, Dhamotharan L, Kumar A, Guo Y (2022). The resilience of logistics network against node failures. International Journal of Production Economics, 244 Abstract.
Wang H, Masi D, Dhamotharan L, Day S, Kumar A, Li T, Singh G (2022). Unconventional path dependence: How adopting product take-back and recycling systems contributes to future eco-innovations. Journal of Business Research, 142, 707-717. Abstract.
Ignatius J, Hatami-Marbini A, Rahman A, Dhamotharan L, Khoshnevis P (2018). A fuzzy decision support system for credit scoring. Neural Computing and Applications, 29(10), 921-937. Abstract.
Ignatius J, Tan TS, Dhamotharan L, Goh M (2018). Deregulation control by mergers and acquisitions: a game theoretic analysis of the Chinese airline industry. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 24(6), 2277-2294. Abstract.
Ignatius J, Tan TS, Dhamotharan L, Goh M (2018). To cooperate or to compete: a game theoretic analysis on ports in malaysia and singapore. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 24(4), 1776-1800. Abstract.
Dhamotharan L, Ismail MT (2015). Exchange rate and interest rate differential in China: a wavelet approach. Advanced Science Letters, 21(6), 1734-1737. Abstract.


Dhamotharan L, Ismail MT, Ignatius J, Pengxiang X (2015). Exchange rate and interest rate differential: a conundrum re-examined via wavelet analysis. Abstract.

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Lalitha's teaching interests are in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics. She also lectures in Operations Management and International Business. Her teaching style is based on active learning by incorporating problem-solving and meaningful activities that support practical classes.



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