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Department of Management

Dr Hui (Avril) Sun

Dr Hui (Avril) Sun

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management

 Building:One CSAM


Building:One,  University of Exeter, Rennes Drive,  Exeter,  EX4 4ST, UK


Dr. Hui (Avril) Sun joined the University of Exeter Business School in 2023 as a Lecturer in operations and supply chain management. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield. Her research area is strategic operations and Supply chain management with particular focus on risk management and resilience, sustainability supply chain management, digitalization, and technology innovation in supply chain management. Her research has been supported by a wide range of qualitative (e.g., case study) and quantitative methods (e.g., optimization, game theory).

She has a proven research record in top-tier journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Technological Forecasting & Social Change.


Ph.D. in Operations and Supply Chain Management (University of Sheffield)

MSc in Marketing (University of Leicester)

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Research interests

  • Supply chain resilience and risk management
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Digital supply chain
  • Technology innovation in supply chain management

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Journal articles

Li W, SUN H, Tong M, Mustafee N, Koh SC (In Press). Customizing Customization in a 3d Printing-Enabled Hybrid Manufacturing Supply Chain.
Li W, Sun H, Dong H, Gan Y, Koh L (2023). Outsourcing decision-making in global remanufacturing supply chains: the impact of tax and tariff regulations. European Journal of Operational Research, 304(3), 997-1010.
Li D, Huang Y, Sun H, Zhi B (2022). Achieving sustainability in sharing-based product service system: a contingency perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production, 332 Abstract.
Rong K, Sun H, Li D, Zhou D (2021). Matching as Service Provision of Sharing Economy Platforms: an Information Processing Perspective. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 171 Abstract.
Jia F, Li D, Liu G, Sun H, Hernandez JE (2020). Achieving loyalty for sharing economy platforms: an expectation–confirmation perspective. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 40(7-8), 1067-1094. Abstract.
Li Q, Sun H, Zhang H, Li W, Ouyang M (2020). Design investment and advertising decisions in direct-sales closed-loop supply chains. Journal of Cleaner Production, 250 Abstract.
Jia F, Blome C, Sun H, Yang Y, Zhi B (2020). Towards an integrated conceptual framework of supply chain finance: an information processing perspective. International Journal of Production Economics, 219, 18-30. Abstract.
Li D, Liu G, Jia F, Sun H (2019). Sharing economy–based service triads: Towards an integrated framework and a research agenda. Journal of Cleaner Production, 218, 1031-1044. Abstract.
Tang T, you J, Sun H, Zhang H (2019). Transportation efficiency evaluation considering the environmental impact for China's freight sector: a parallel data envelopment analysis. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(18). Abstract.
Cheng Y, Sun H, Jia F, Koh L (2018). Pricing and Low-Carbon Investment Decisions in an Emission Dependent Supply Chain under a Carbon Labelling Scheme. SUSTAINABILITY, 10(4).  Author URL.
Wang X, Zhu Y, Sun H, Jia F (2018). Production decisions of new and remanufactured products: Implications for low carbon emission economy. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 171, 1225-1243.  Author URL.
Jia F, Sun H, Koh L (2016). Global solar photovoltaic industry: an overview and national competitiveness of Taiwan. Journal of Cleaner Production, 126, 550-562. Abstract.
Appolloni A, Sun H, Jia F, Li X (2014). Green Procurement in the private sector: a state of the art review between 1996 and 2013. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 85, 122-133.  Author URL.

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Advisory Board of the British Academy ECRN Southwest

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Thursday 11:00 - 13:00

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