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Department of Management

Dr Alby Anand Kurian

Dr Alby Anand Kurian

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and International Business

 Streatham Court 1.66


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Dr Alby Anand Kurian is a global marketing practitioner and theorist. Among the concepts he created and developed, ‘Conflict as a Marketing Tool’ has been published and republished by the Wharton Business School and is now a permanent part of the scholarship there.

Alby brings to academia his industry experience in marketing. As Founder-Director of Emphasis, a marketing and strategy consultancy, Alby has worked with multi-national majors ranging from Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive to Nestle, Coca Cola and Pepsi Foods. He is presently a consultant to one of the largest online supermarkets in the world.

Alby has been the founder Course Leader of the very successful Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme for Teesside University in Singapore. He serves as the External Examiner of doctoral dissertations for universities in the UK and abroad.

He has taught marketing and marketing-related modules for a French University, Grenoble, and four British universities – Sunderland, Teesside, Bangor and Bradford. He has worked in New York, Mumbai, Singapore, China and Eastern Europe and taught students from nearly every country in the world. He has taught in China to perfect feedback scores; he made a keynote address in Hangzhou to academics, bureaucrats and industry leaders titled ‘What’s Next for China’.

In addition to his PhD in management, Alby has three post-graduate qualifications - in management, education and law - all achieved with distinctive success.

Alby's work of fiction, 'The Peddler of Soaps', set in the world of marketing and the media, was on the best-seller list. 


Phd in Management, with a focus on Marketing (Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University). 

Master of Arts in Education (Bangor University); Distinction awarded. 

Two-Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management - Master's equivalent (International Institute of Special Education); Distinction awarded. 

Three-Year Bachelor of Law (Government Law College); Ranked first in the university, the city, and the state at Moot Courts. 

Bachelor of Arts (St Xavier's & Elphinstone College); First Class Honours awarded.      

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Research interests

  •  Evolving strategies that reflect the changes in the marketplace.
  •  Marketing in domains that have not been researched sufficiently.

The marketing landscape changes rapidly and continuously, and it has been Alby’s endeavour to have his research reflect it. Marketing is also increasingly being used in domains where its application earlier was more limited – politics, for example. Alby has been attempting to cover domains such as these; his concept, ‘Conflict as a Marketing Tool’, that was published by Wharton, is a direct result.  

Doctoral students that Alby has supervised have completed their dissertations on topics such as 'Steering and Navigating Geographically Dispersed Teams in the Globalised Environment'.

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Kurian AA (2013). Understanding Consumer Behaviour. India, the Insurance Institute. Abstract.
Kurian A (2002). The Peddler of Soaps. India, the WLI Foundation. Abstract.

Journal articles

Kurian AA (2022). Should Adult Education be Primarily Characterised By Social Reproduction Or Dialogue?. Journal of Business, Science and Technology, IV, No 1 2022, 60-69. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Siong I (2022). The Management of the Challenges of the Elderly Population of Singapore: an Analysis. ASBM Journal of Management, XV, 09-46. Abstract.
Kurian AA (2021). Ensuring Intercultural Awareness within International Schools: a Study of the United World Colleges. Journal of Business, Science and Technology, Volume 3, No 1, 21, 18-25. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Zan K, Dham S (2020). Adoption of Cashless Payments in Singapore: an Analysis. ASBM Journal of Management, Vol. 13 Issue 1/2, 1-20. Abstract.
Kurian AA (2020). The Inclusion Exclusion Game, as a Marketing Tool in Politics. Journal of Business, Sciences and Technology, Volume II, No 1, 2020, 50-54. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Apte S (2019). Coping with Success:. of Spouses and Siblings and Pressures Within. Journal of Business Sciences and Technology, Volume I, No 1, 2019, 108-116. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Asokan S, Dham S (2019). Social Media Marketing and SMEs: is it a Winning Combination in Singapore? an Analysis. Indira Management Review, 13 (2019)(0), 9-33. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Dham S (2018). Life Expectancy and Working-Life Expectancy of Politicians : an Analysis. ASBM Journal of Management, Jul-Dec2018, Vol. 11 Issue 2, 36-46. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Dham S (2017). Deployment of RFID for Improvement of Economic Value of Indian Organised Retail: an Exploratory Study. ASBM Journal of Management, Volume X, Issue 2, July-December, 2017, 64-89. Abstract.
Kurian AA (2017). Research: is ‘Conflict’ a New Marketing Tool?. Wharton Leadership Digest Abstract.
Kurian AA, Sy AMR (2017). The Effect of Changes to the Country of Manufacture on the Brand Equity of an Off-Patent Original Drug Product in Vietnam: an Analysis. Management Development Journal of Singapore, 44-100. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Tan KL, Dham S (2016). Entrepreneurial Readiness in Singapore: an Analysis. Management Development Journal of Singapore, 70-153. Abstract.
Kurian AA, Bautista KPS (2015). The Challenges for the Development of an Internationalisation Strategy for Certain Small and Medium Enterprises in the Philippines. The Management Development Journal of Singapore, 59-100. Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact

Awards and Honours

  • Awarded the Government Open Merit Under-Graduate Scholarship
  • Awarded the Sir N P Engineer Post-Graduate Scholarship
  • Ranked first in city, state and country at Moot Courts.
  • Advertising Association award for the campaign for Hoechst
  • Advertising Association award for the campaign for Ariel
  • Association of Business Communicators’ award for founding the campus channel of the Asian Institute of Communications & Research

External positions

  • Editorial Board: Journal of the ASBM University
  • Editorial Advisor: Global Indian Times

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Alby’s teaching objectives may be delineated into three primary goals:

The first goal (TG1) pertains to fostering a robust connect between academia and praxis. This aims to equip students with the skills and tools necessary to seamlessly transition into the workplace.

The second goal (TG2) refers to the imparting of theoretical frameworks that enable students to bring new perspectives to the marketplace, facilitating innovative solutions.

The third goal (TG3) concerns the planting of the idea that while maximising a corporation’s growth and profits is essential, it is equally vital for a company to strive towards a larger goal that transcends financial gains.



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