Graduate profile

Siyao Zhang

Course: MSc Human Resources Management

Graduate job: PwC, HR Function Transformation, London

Advice for current students: Start early! Make sure you know exactly the type of role you would like so your preparation can be tailored and focused. Use as much of the University’s careers support as possible; sign-up to receive the weekly e-bulletin, attend employer events, make connections with recruiters and mention their names at your interview!

China Career Ready Programme

The China Career Ready Programme helps Chinese Business School students to get Career Ready! The Business School Careers Service understands the unique challenges that Chinese students face when applying for jobs in the UK and China so we will help you to gain the skills needed to succeed in both recruitment environments. During Autumn Term we run a variety of employability sessions for undergraduate and postgraduate students, such as ‘Professional English for the Workplace’ and ‘Understanding the differences between UK and Chinese CVs’. In addition, Chinese students have access to bespoke online resources and support through the Business School WeChat group.

The China Career Ready Programme offers six bespoke employability sessions during Autumn Term to help Chinese students plan for their career.

The Career Mentor Scheme is a unique opportunity for students to be matched with an experienced professional to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance into their profession and sector for up to 6-months.

The University of Exeter’s Global Employability webpage provides useful resources to help with finding a job in China.

If you are a student from another country wishing to access careers support then please check the events section of My Career Zone to find relevant sessions. You can also access a wealth of information about finding jobs abroad via the University of Exeter Global Employability Webpage.