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Our EDI Themes

Intersectionality statement

While our work is informed by the University's 5 Equality Groups framework: Disability, Faith and Worldview, Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation, we recognise and adopt an intersectional approach to the identities of our staff and students. Intersectionality is a framework to understand how persons, or groups of people, are disadvantaged/advantaged by multiple sources of prejudice/power and discrimination, due to their uniquely overlapping structured identities and experiences such as race, class, gender, age, sexuality, disabilities, religion, culture and geopolitical location. We are committed to recognising and raising awareness of multiple, systemic barriers to opportunities and multiple forms of prejudice and privilege.

Wellbeing support

If you have been affected by harassment, bullying, intimidation or discrimination there are a range of support services provided by the University, Students' Guild/The Students' Union and external organisations who can help all students and staff. See here for details for Help & advice.

Faith and Worldview
Sexual Orientation
Research and EDI