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Global Festival 2023

Global Festival 2023

Here at the University of Exeter Business School, we are committed to a truly embedded inclusive culture that runs through everything we do and represents the diverse community we are and continue to build. After the success of last year's festival - we are excited to invite Business School staff and students to join us for the Business School’s Global Festival 2023 on Thursday 19th October, 3.30pm onwards.


What is the Global Festival?

The Global Festival is a celebration of our cultural diversity, with a host of activities and events on offer to students and colleagues.

Everyone is welcome – it's a fantastic opportunity to make new connections, have some fun with colleagues and friends, learn more about our incredible support services and share your own experiences and culture. We are lucky to have colleagues and students from a huge range of communities, cultures, and countries, and we are excited to celebrate this rich cultural diversity at the festival.

For those recently joining our community, staff and students will be on hand to answer any questions you may have in your first few weeks of arriving at Exeter. And for everyone returning to campus, it’s a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues and have some fun.

What activities can I participate in?

There will be something for everyone: workshops, music, games, film screenings, food, support stands, and guest speakers. There will also be plenty of opportunities during the festival to speak with senior members of our leadership team. We want to hear what our students think, so get your voice heard and have your say!

We want our whole community to have access to the Festival, all activities will be family-friendly, so staff and students are welcome to bring their children if childcare would be an issue during the event.

Check out the tabs below for more information and come back soon to visit our Eventbrite page and book your workshop places.

What are the key aims of the Global Festival?

By bringing our community of students and staff together for an evening of fun, we aim to:

  • Provide opportunities to learn about different cultures and explore thoughts from different perspectives,
  • celebrate cultural diversity and promote inclusion,
  • address feelings of isolation and create a sense of belonging,
  • raise awareness of support networks and services,
  • offer a forum to raise concerns informally with senior leaders,
  • showcase what makes Exeter a welcoming and fun place to live, study and work,
  • have fun and get to know our community.

Who can I contact for further information?

For more information, please contact the Business School’s EDI Team at

Xfi Global Lounge (Study Space) 15:30 - 15:45

Welcome and launch of the Global Lounge

Details coming soon!

Business School, Xfi study rooms From 15:30

Quiet zone

There will be a dedicated quiet area for students and staff who may become overwhelmed during the event, where a member of staff will be available to talk to should you need support.

Registration for this is NOT essential, just drop in when needed.

Henderson Lecture Theatre, Xfi Building 15:45 - 16:30

Keynote speech

Details for this year's keynote speech coming soon!

Last year we collaborated with the University of Sanctuary team to deliver the keynote speech, where we had the incredible opportunity to listen to one of our recent Sanctuary Scholars as they talked about their experience of coming to Exeter as an asylum seeker and refugee. Listen to last year's pre-event podcast now.

Henderson Lecture Theatre, Xfi Building 16:30 - 17:30

Student Circus workshop

The University of Exeter are proud to be partners with Student Circus!

Student Circus is a job-readiness platform for international students from all disciplines, offering a jobs board with pre-filtered opportunities in the UK with employers who are open to employing individuals through the Graduate Visa and Skilled Worker Visa routes. Student Circus also hosts Immigration Guides, careers blogs and webinars with careers experts, and also run an ambassador scheme for students on campus.

You are invited to meet Tripti Maheshwari, one of the co-founders of Student Circus, at this information session on how to make the most of Student Circus in meeting your career goals and aspirations.

Registration now via Handshake.

Xfi Global Lounge (Study Space)

From 16:30

Student support stands

At the Global Festival you will have the opportunity to meet members from several different student support teams, including the Careers Zone and wellbeing, and find out how you can access the support you need. View the 'Support' tab to find out more.

Business School

From 16:30

Student societies

The University of Exeter's student-led societies are here to bring together students with similar interests as well as provide opportunities to try something new and different!

At the Global Festival you will have the opportunity to meet members from several different student societies and find out how you can get involved. View the 'Societies' tab to find out more.

Business School TBC

Live music and dance

Details coming soon!

Business School From 16:30

Joypad arcade

Joypad Arcade is the UK's best retro and next-gen gaming private hire service. They will be bringing a variety of retro gaming consoles, with games ranging from Duck Hunt to Mario Kart.

Registration for this event is NOT essential, just drop in and have fun! Though please register for your free Global Festival 2023 ticket via Eventbrite to help us manage numbers.

Business School From 16:30

Double Elephant, Screen Printing

Double Elephant Print Workshop offers courses, resources and support to professional printmakers, artists and beginners alike across the City of Exeter and beyond. They aim to provide open access to fine art printmaking resources and encourage and support everyone to discover their creativity!

They will be inviting festival goers to print your own interpretation of a Global University - perhaps an image that represents an aspect of your home country and culture, or your experience of joining the University and our global network of students, staff and alumni. Come and have some fun whilst getting creative, you'll also be able to take away the image you create!

Registration for this event is NOT essential, just drop in and have fun! Though please register for your free Global Festival 2023 ticket via Eventbrite to help us manage numbers.

Creative Quadrant, Business School From 16:30

CQ Crafts

Join the CQ team and members of the Business School over snacks, to create some fun international themed badges and learn how to knit!

Registration for this event is NOT essential, just drop in and have fun! Though please register for your free Global Festival 2023 ticket via Eventbrite to help us manage numbers.

Creative Quadrant, Business School 16:45 - 18:15

Chinese brush painting with Kaili Fu

Kaili Fu has been painting professionally for over 30 years. Since her arrival in Exeter in 1988, there have been many exhibitions of her artwork throughout Devon and the Southwest of the UK. In addition, she has been teaching Chinese brush painting in community learning centres, adult education colleges, and residential colleges around the UK.

Kaili’s desire is to bring Chinese art to the West and she is passionate about introducing people to this ancient oriental skill.

Registration for this event is essential, please register for your ticket via Eventbrite.

La Touche, Business School 17:00 - 19:00


Keep an eye out for delicious cuisines offered throughout the festival. We will be using a passport system for food this year, where you will need to get three stamps from an activity/ workshop/ stand in order to swap your passport for food. Make sure you get there early so you don't miss out!

Please register for your free Global Festival 2023 ticket via Eventbrite to help us manage numbers. Food will be limited and once it's gone, it's gone!

Business School TBC

Activity 3

Activity details coming soon!

Business School TBC Workshop 2

Workshop details coming soon!

M&D Room, Devonshire House  TBC

Black History Month screening

As part of the Global Festival and to celebrate Black History Month, the Business School have once again teamed up with Exeter's Campus Cinema Society to offer a special screening of the 1989 film, 'Do The Right Thing', written and directed by Spike Lee.

More details of how to book coming soon!

The University of Exeter's student-led societies are here to bring together students with similar interests as well as provide opportunities to try something new and different!

At the Global Festival you will have the opportunity to meet members of the below societies and find out how you can get involved.


Asian Society

The Exeter Asian Society is renowned for its celebration of diversity and culture at the University of Exeter. It is one of the most engaging and popular societies and has grown rapidly in the few years since it was first established. Our society welcomes people from all nationalities, and every year we intend to give you a tase of all the different cultures and societies from South Asia. We collaborate with several societies to ensure that people are able to express and experience different cultures and broaden their horizons. Our biggest events are Diwali and Holi, which are celebrated university-wide, and we have also held collaborative events with other societies to host events such as the Thai Full Moon festival.


Business and Finance Society

Exeter's Business and Finance Society (BFS) brings together like-minded individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines to develop their career aspirations and offer business insights, networking and opportunities in a social and fun manner! ��

We are Exeter's largest academic society, with over 1000+ members last year, but also incredibly diverse member base studying an array of subjects.

Joining BFS looks great on your CV as you can demonstrate an active interest in the world of business and finance, and the society provides plenty of material to talk about at interview:

  • Our Annual Careers Dinner, hosting representatives from leading organisations from various industries and interact with founders of startups to professionals from McKinsey, Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, PwC and Microsoft. 
  • Talks and networking opportunities with our sponsors and alumni students.

Hands on experience such as our Citi Bank Financial Markets Simulation which gave 60 students the experience of being traders


Campus Cinema Society

Established seven decades ago, Campus Cinema is run by our committee of dedicated film fans. Housed in Devonshire House’s M&D Room and complete with professional-standard digital projection, 35mm projection, graduated seating and Dolby Surround Sound, we strive to deliver the beloved classic cinema experience. At Campus Cinema we pride ourselves on the diversity of our film choices, from mainstream blockbusters to independent, foreign, and documentary films; whatever we think will entertain, educate and inspire our customers. Everyone is welcome!


Chinese Society

Welcome to the Chinese Society. You can explore the mysterious of the Chinese culture, find a Chinese friend and even learn some Chinese for free! We will publish the helpful information for your study and career by email or through our forum. The Chinese Society also will organise the events regularly including our traditional culture events.


Economics Society

The Economics Society is the hub for all things Economics! We connect students of the discipline through academic speaker events and more regular socials. We really love the family we have in the society and the mutual support that we provide is probably why we are one of the biggest societies on campus, standing at 2000 members last year!



Enactus is Exeter University’s social enterprise society, just one of a larger network of student societies spread across universities worldwide. We create projects that tackle global issues such as poverty, waste or homelessness. Our local and international projects see a problem, use entrepreneurial action to find a solution and improve the lives of the individuals and communities we work with.


Entrepreneurs Society

The Exeter Entrepreneurs Society is home to the most intellectually curious, talented and successful students at Exeter. Founded in 2009, our members have developed innovative venture-funded companies, secured investment on Dragons’ Den and won multiple world-renowned business and technology competitions abroad. We believe every student can develop skills and experience to tackle real-world problems. This why our mission is to empower our members and promote disruptive innovation thought processes to become world leaders whilst acquiring a complete practical skill set driving performance.


Exeter Student Investment Fund (ExSIF)

The Exeter Student Investment Fund (ExSIF) serves to promote an understanding and interest of the world of investing and finance, to all students, from all backgrounds. We present a platform for like-minded students to exercise the theory they learn in lectures and apply it to experiences that ExSIF will present them with. ​Further, through ExSIF, our members will gain a skill set that will set them apart in their job applications and future careers.

By joining ExSIF, you can get involved in:

  • Weekly financial analysis course
  • Workshops
  • Trading and Stock Pitch Competitions
  • London Networking Events
  • Socials

No past investment experience is necessary!


German Society

Our German Society as a short introduction is to play the role of being a common society for German-speaking students on campus, those studying the language or those with just an interest in Germany. This year we aim to run several socials as well as conversation classes and German film screenings.


Global Cafe

Globe Café is a space for international students to make local and international friends, and hang out with both students and non-students. Every Monday 7:30pm at Belmont Chapel, we meet to share culture, play games, and chat about a different theme.

ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME!!! (…regardless of your culture, religious beliefs, background, etc.). All events are free of charge. Come join us for friendship, sharing, and fun!


Juggling and Circus Society

Find here all things circus: from juggling, through poi flow and hula hooping to acro-yoga and everything inbetween.

We meet every Thursday evening in Lemon Grove to learn, practice, exchange our skills and discuss new potential events. You can be as much or as little involved as you wish.

  • Just want to learn that hand stand? Join us for these specific workshops. 
  • Want to get pass 3 balls or get your mills mess solid? Weekly skills-exchange sessions are perfect for you :)

All levels welcome.


K-Pop society

The K-Pop Society is a safe community built on the common love of Korean music. We have game nights, dance tutorials, and fun nights out. Visit us at the Global Festival for a free session voucher!


Model UN Society

Model United Nations in a style of debate practiced all over the world. Rather than taking a for or against stance on a statement, Model UN allows participants to debate from the perspective of a country, with a focus on geopolitics. Delegates typically discuss foreign policy, international involvement, and diplomatic relations. By combining both public speaking and resolution writing, MUN develops a range of skills. Alongside our weekly debates, we give members the opportunity to participate in national and international conferences in which we compete against other universities.


Multicultral Students Society

Hello! We are a society for students who identify themselves with multiple cultures, and who often struggle to formulate an answer to where they’re from. We are a blend of our parents’ culture(s), the culture(s) of where we lived, and the wider international community’s culture. Many of us will have grown up in more than one country, travelled a lot, went to an international school, etc. We are globally-minded and citizens of the world.

We’d like to welcome everyone with open arms!


Shuffleboard Society

Go to the pub, play Shuffleboard. Simple as.


Sikh Society

The Sikh Society supports students and raises awareness about the concepts of Sikhsim. Our society aims to provide a safe space for Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike to learn more about Sikhism, as well as providing opportunities to meet new people through our social events. We will also work with our new multifaith chaplain Sukhbir Singh to organise prayer meetings throughout the academic year. 


Students of Colour Association

We promote the inclusion, welfare, and social mobility of all minority students at the University of Exeter. While cultural societies exist, we are the only society which is uniquely dedicated to support ethnic minorities from all backgrounds and cultures— the proud character that defines who we are.

SCA welcomes students from all backgrounds who share our concerns about prejudice, the lack of diversity and what we can do to combat their effects on the student body. We look forward to continuing to cultivate a growing community of diverse students through regular social events and activities, academic skill training, and workshops on employability.


Yoga Society

Offering weekly classes, socials and a like-minded community! 

The University of Exeter's support services are here to offer advice and support to all students and staff who want it. They support students and staff from all backgrounds, and at this year's Global Festival you will have the opportunity to meet members of the below services and find out how they can help you during your time at Exeter and beyond.


Careers Zone

The Career Zone has dedicated provision and careers staff who work exclusively with Business School students, including extra tailored support for international students:

Career Zone advice for international students

Careers workshops for international students bookable on Handshake now

India Career Ready – workshops are bookable on Handshake now

China Career Ready – workshops coming soon on Handshake

Come and chat to members of the Business School's dedicated Careers Team to find out how they can help you build the future you want.


Discover Postgraduate

Interested in continuing your education with Exeter and studying for a Masters next year? Come and speak to members of our recruitment team and discover postgraduate education at the University of Exeter.


Study Zone

Find out more about Study Zone and browse their academic skills resources on Study Zone Digital


English Language Skills Development Programme

The English Language Skills Development programme, run by the Insessional team is aimed at all students at the university who speak English as a second language. The team provides an extensive range of courses, classes and one-to-one support in addition to independent learning resources available on the Guided Independent Learning site.


International Staff and PG Network

A space for international member of staff and PG students to connect, share experiences and information, and provide support to each other in a lighthearted way and with humour.


Wellbeing & AccessAbility

Student wellbeing - Student Wellbeing and Welfare Services provide free advice, guidance and support for students on all University of Exeter campuses.

Colleague wellbeing - We have a range of internal and external support services, plus advice and tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. For any further support please email us at

Some upcoming events which might be of interest:

  • Ongoing ‘Walk4Wellbeing’ – weekly walks, every Thursday from 13:10 – 13:50pm. Please contact Katherine in Wellbeing or Elly in the Chaplaincy Team for more details.
  • There will be a Wellbeing fair on Wednesday 9th November 11am – 15:00pm in Forum Street (TBC); aimed to hopefully capture late starters.

Multifaith Chaplaincy

Our multifaith Chaplaincy team constitutes a team of faith leaders from a wide variety of faith backgrounds and world views, including Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, in addition to a part-time multifaith co-ordinator and a part-time administrator.


International Student Support

International Student Support are here to help you from the moment you accept your place at Exeter through to graduation and beyond. We support your transition into university life with specialist UK immigration advice and targeted information about the UK, through airport collection and the International Welcome Programme, events to help you settle in such as Global Chums Mentoring, increase your connection and confidence at Intercultural Café and celebrate our diversity through major events like Diwali, Christmas celebrations and Lunar New Year.

We couldn’t do this without you. So if you are looking to take part or to volunteer look at our website:

And watch our for our monthly email ‘Your International News’!

Details of this year's keynote speech coming soon!

As we gear up for another unforgettable Global Festival, we're excited to introduce a fantastic opportunity for you to leave your mark on this year's celebrations. Get ready to showcase your creativity and talent in the Global Festival Postcard Design Competition!

The Challenge: Create an original postcard design that captures the essence and spirit of our global festival. Whether it's the vibrant colours, diverse cultures, or the sheer joy of the occasion, we want your design to convey what makes this festival special.

The Prize: The winning design will be transformed into an official festival postcard, which will be available at our festival postbox for attendees to send a piece of the festival home to their loved ones - for free! The winner will also receive a £20 InExeter giftcard.

How to Participate:

  1. Create Your Design: Let your imagination run wild! Designs should be a regular postcard size of 4x6 inches

  2. Submit Your Entry: Submit your design by emailing (Don't forget to include your contact information!)

  3. Winning Design: Our panel of judges will carefully evaluate all entries and select the winning design, which will be announced on Friday 13th October (the judges’ decision is final).

  4. Festival Debut: The winning design will be featured on official festival postcards, and attendees will have the opportunity to send these postcards home for free!

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday 11th October
  • Winner Announcement: Friday 13th October
  • Festival Date: Thursday 19th October

The details:

  • The Global Festival 2023 Postcard Competition is open to all current or former students and staff of the University of Exeter.
  • Entries must be submitted by the closing date of Midday Wednesday 11 October 2023, details of how to submit entries above.
  • If the entry is from a team then the prize will be awarded to the team, for them to share according to themselves.
  • By submitting the entry, participants warrant that the entries submitted are the participants’ original work.
  • By submitting an entry the participant confirms their agreement to the University's use of their work for any non-commercial purpose including, but not limited to, broadcasting via the internet.
  • The exclusion of any copyright violations in entries submitted for the competition is entirely the responsibility of the participant. If the University reasonably believes that any entry may create liability for the University, it may remove such an entry from any websites displaying the entry as it believes in its sole discretion is prudent or necessary to minimise or eliminate its potential liability. The University has no obligation to include all or any part of the entries on any website.
  • Visual arts entries will be shortlisted and if successfully shortlisted, judged, in the format in which they are submitted.

For any questions regarding the competition please contact

Every country retains its national identity through its unique clothing that has been passed on from generation to generation. This clothing represents the history, cultural traditions, design sensibilities, craft traditions, as well as an adaptation to local weather. It can also represent social, marital, or religious status. It’s often rooted in rich traditions and gives people a sense of continuity. 

In many countries, national costumes are now only worn during festivals, ceremonies, and special occasions, but in others, traditional clothing is worn in everyday life even today.

We would love to celebrate this by asking those joining the festival to wear your traditional outfits and signature items of clothing from your home country and cultures around the world, or to wear the colours of your home country's flag.

We are inviting everyone to share and express their feelings around the theme of Global Culture.  What does Global Culture mean to you?

Global Culture can mean different things to different people, and we would love hear what global culture means to you. Explore the padlet below to find out what our students and staff say Global Culture means to them, and add your thoughts too!


Made with Padlet

Commitment to Diversity

The University of Exeter values the diversity of its community because it believes this enriches employment, research, studying and learning experiences.  The Global Festival celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the staff and students at University of Exeter and brings together a wide variety of societies and networks to do so.   While the University acknowledges that some societies may not represent the personal beliefs of some staff and students, the University is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and does not segregate societies from each other.  There is no obligation to take part in any activity or visit any stand, however in line with its Value of ‘Community’, the University recognises that all its staff, students, visitors and others associated with the University have a responsibility to ensure that their actions comply with both the requirements and the spirit of its Dignity and Respect policy (Dignity and Respect Policy | Equality, Diversity and Inclusion | University of Exeter).

The University of Exeter is an inclusive community, where everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Harassment, bullying, intimidation and discrimination (for example racism, homophobia, sexual discrimination) go against all we stand for and will not be tolerated. If you've experienced or witnessed any of the above we encourage you to report it here and to get the support you might need: Exeter Speaks Out | Exeter Speaks Out | University of Exeter