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University of Exeter Business School

Exeter College year 3 direct entry to Business Studies

Please check the programme structure for Exeter College students as it is different to that of other students. The list of optional modules that you can take is specific to Exeter College students.

Rules about module selection:

All students must study 120 Exeter credits per year.

  • The modules that you choose are either worth 15 or 30 credits.
    • 15 credits – single term
    • 30 credits – all year
    • In Year 3 you may take a maximum of 30 credits from Level 2 modules (Second Year). Please note that you can only request to add optional modules from Level 3 in March, to add Level 2 optional modules you will need to wait until September.
    • You can choose 30 credits of modules from other areas not on the list, as long as they do not require any pre-requisites.
    • Pre-requisites –modules that you must have previously taken to take this module.
    • Co-requisites –modules that you must be taking while you are taking this module.
    • Non-requisites –modules that you cannot have taken or be taking when taking this module.
    • You do not need to select your compulsory module BEM3033 Strategic Management, this will be added for you.
    • You must select 90 credits worth of modules in addition to your compulsory module to add up to a total of 120 credits for the year.

Information on modules can be found here: ‌

Your modules are condonable.  If a module is condonable it means that you can fail it and still continue to the next level.  You can condone up to 30 credits, as long as your average for the year is over 40%.

Please research your module choices thoroughly now:

  • Do you have a sensible balance of modules?
  • Do you have a total of 120 credits? (This includes both your compulsory modules and your optional modules)
  • Consider your choices carefully - we cannot guarantee that you will be able to change to a different module later
  • In March, only choose Level 3 optional modules, you will be able to add any Level 2 optional modules in September 2024, when the Optional module change process opens.

Optional Module Selection Form

Open: 9.00am Monday 18th March - 17.00pm Thursday 28th March