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Department of Management


Welcome to the Department of Management, a vibrant community of scholars, practitioners and learners, dedicated to cutting-edge teaching, research and impact.

In our department, we work to make sure that our skills and expertise are used to co-create and engage with students, external stakeholders and practitioners. In our department, we look at imaginative and collaborative solutions to 21st century economic and socio-ecological challenges, for our Planet, individuals and organisations.

We are all committed to advancing theories and practices in our fields of expertise, to explore novel ideas and develop collaborations to tackle the challenging future we have ahead of us, for example looking at how science and technology can help to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurial mind-sets. Our research and impact activities focus on various disciplinary themes such as Leadership, Innovation, Organisation Studies, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing and International Business. Members of the department also conduct world leading interdisciplinary research around current business topics such as Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy, Environmental Governance, Sustainability, Business and Society relations, Simulation and Analytics, Network Science, and the Strategic implications of innovation.

We are also dedicated to translate sciences into business and entrepreneurial practices. Our colleagues involved in the Degree Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to combine full-time work with studying for a bachelors or master’s degree qualification. Apprentices are employed throughout the programme, and will spend part of their time at the University of Exeter and the rest with their employer.

The Department embraces different communities and scholarships and namely six sub-departments:

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