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Department of Management

The department of Management is equally committed to advancing theory and working with industry to achieve practical solutions to their most important issues. Our research focuses on: Leadership, Well-being, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing and International Business.

The department is home to the Exeter Centre for Leadership. A multidisciplinary group that works closely with corporations, government departments, the armed forces and the not-for-profit sector to inform policy, practice and academic theory. Our key areas of focus are Relational Leadership, Leading Change, and Leadership and Health

We have links with many professional associations, including the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Our research

Our research and consultancy covers a wide range of social science theories, and management concepts and practices. We also sit on editorial boards of leading international journals on management and social science research.

Crucial to the success of our Department is our ability to integrate this thought leading research into our teaching offer across all programmes. This means students leave Exeter equipped with insights and expertise drawn from the very frontiers of new knowledge creation.

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Board Demographics, Dynamics and Governance, Bourdieusian Theory, Brand Loyalty, Climate Change, Creative Industries, Critical Management StudiesDestructive leadershipDirichlet, Ecological Change, Elites, Empirical Generalisation, Ethics and Reflexivity, Formation of Taste in Cultural Fields, Gender and Discrimination, Identity, Identity, Power and Difference, Impact Management, Individual Differences, Innovation, Innovation and Technology, Management and Organisational History, Meritocracy and Legitimacy, Niche Tourism, Organisation Theory, Organizational Politics, Organizing in ‘Ethical’ and Rural Contexts, Place Attachement, Power, Legitimacy and Status, Qualitative Research, Reputation, Role Models, Segmentation, Small Practitioners and Organizations, SMEs, Social Inequity, Sociology of the Professions, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development and Planning of Tourism and Recreation, Tourism and Leisure, Transformational Leadership, Visitor Economy, Wellbeing, Women in Leadership, Work and Life Intersection

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