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Scholarships and funding

Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

At the University of Exeter Business School we want to ensure we attract the very brightest minds and talent from all over the world, regardless of financial background. That’s why this year, we have over £500,000 worth of scholarships available to outstanding MBA candidates.

Our Better World Scholarships are awarded by the MBA Programme Director to students who can demonstrate outstanding academic merit or financial need and a commitment to the ethos of the programme. We have up to £500,000 worth of scholarships available. To be considered for a scholarship, all you need to do is apply for The Exeter MBA. If you are made an offer to join the MBA, we will contact you to advise how you can apply for our scholarships. Please note these scholarships are awarded entirely at the discretion of the Business School.

We understand the financial pressures that Postgraduate Taught students can face when furthering their studies at university and that as why we offer expert funding advice and guidance.

Please see our information here for Postgraduate Taught students and see what is available to you.

Please note, you can apply for more than one scholarship, but if you are awarded more than one, the greater award will be given. A bursary can be awarded in addition to a scholarship.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees can be found here.