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University of Exeter Business School

 Tatiana Carolina Cantillo Garcia

Tatiana Carolina Cantillo Garcia

Postgraduate Researcher


 Xfi Building 


Xfi Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4ST, UK


Tatiana is a postgraduate researcher at the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) in the University of Exeter. She holds a MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment from University College London (UK), a BSc in Economics and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from La Universidad del Norte (Colombia). Tatiana is an environmental economist using interdisciplinary methods to answer socio-environmental research questions. Her research interests revolve around sustainability and development, focusing on the interlinkages of nature, wellbeing and decision-making.

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Research interests

  • Land-use policy and economics
  • Environmental valuation
  • Environmental policy and economics
  • Political economy of the environment

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Journal articles

Grilli G, Cantillo T, Turner K, Erazo J, Murcia López MA, Valle Parra JS, Cardona FG, Ferrini S (2024). A decision support procedure for the bioeconomy transition: a Colombian case study. Journal of Environmental Management, 352, 120042-120042.
Cantillo T, Notaro S, Bonini N, Hadjichristidis C (2023). Assessing Italian household preferences for waste sorting systems: the role of environmental awareness, socioeconomic characteristics, and local contexts. Waste Management, 163, 22-33.
Cantillo T, Garza N (2022). Armed conflict, institutions and deforestation: a dynamic spatiotemporal analysis of Colombia 2000–2018. World Development, 160, 106041-106041.
Cantillo T, Cantillo V, Garcia L, Cantillo-Garcia V (2022). Uncovering the wage differential between formal and informal jobs: Analysis from the Colombian Caribbean region. Latin American Economic Review, 1-25. Abstract.
Cantillo T, Vargas A, Cantillo V, Ramos J (2019). What determines university student’s willingness to pay for bikeways?. Transportation, 47(5), 2267-2286.

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