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Department of Economics

About us

Welcome to the Department of Economics at Exeter, a thriving community of scholars and students working across the breadth of economic theory and practice. We are exceptionally proud to be among the UK’s Top 20 Economics departments for world-leading research, and consistently rank in the Top 10 departments to study Economics.  

In a time of rapid economic, social and technological transformation, economists have a great responsibility. We cannot be content to ‘sit and watch’: we must offer explanations for ever more complex social and economic processes, come up with solutions, inform and guide policy makers, and lead the discussion on the future of the planet and its inhabitants. This is what we try to do in the Department of Economics at Exeter. I joined the department in 2022, after having worked for several years in Austria, France, the UK and elsewhere. Here I have found an outstanding community of academics and students that I am proud to lead and be part of.  

We are home to a vibrant academic community with expertise and strong international reputation across a range of areas, including Applied Microeconomics, Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Macroeconomics, and Pedagogy. We collaborate both within the University of Exeter and internationally with experts working to address the major challenges of our time, from the economic drivers and consequences of climate change to poverty, inequality and social justice. We are focused on developing the core skills of analysis, problem-solving and creative thinking which will equip our graduates to make a real impact in the world. 

We stand for excellence in research and teaching. We stand for a transformative student experience through our range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees, and our vision is to shape the next generation of leaders. We stand for sustainability and a commitment to net zero targets, both in the kind of research we do and in our ways of working.  

Above all, we stand for discovery, community, equality, inclusion, and respect. 

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Professor Loukas Balafoutas

Head of Department - Economics