Masters modules

Postgraduate Module List

Accounting & Finance modules

Module titleModule code
Investment Analysis DissertationBEAM006
Advanced Financial AccountingBEAM024
Advanced Management AccountingBEAM025
Topics in Financial EconomicsBEAM029
Financial InstrumentsBEAM031
Investment Analysis 1BEAM032
Banking and Financial ServicesBEAM033
Derivatives PricingBEAM035
Domestic and International Portfolio ManagementBEAM036
Investment Analysis 2BEAM038
International Financial ManagementBEAM042
Accounting for International ManagersBEAM045
Financial ModellingBEAM046
Fundamentals of Financial ManagementBEAM047
Advanced Corporate FinanceBEAM050
Principles of International TaxationBEAM051
Corporate Finance and GovernanceBEAM052
Mergers, Management Buyouts and Other Corporate ReorganizationsBEAM053
Alternative InvestmentsBEAM054
Applied Empirical AccountingBEAM056
Comparative TaxationBEAM058
Introduction to UK TaxationBEAM059
Advanced UK TaxationBEAM060
Advanced International TaxationBEAM061
Taxation DissertationBEAM062
Advanced Financial AnalysisBEAM063
Work Based ProjectBEAM064
Bank ManagementBEAM065
Banking and Finance Research ProjectBEAM066
Corporate Governance and Social ResponsibilityBEAM070
Advanced Corporate ReportingBEAM071
Principles of FinanceBEAM072
Investment Research Methods 1BEFM010
Financial Statement AnalysisBEFM011
Investment Instruments Bonds Equities Derivatives and Alternative InstrumentsBEFM013
Investment Research Methods 2BEFM014
Portfolio Management and Asset AllocationBEFM015
Equity Valuation Models and IssuesBEFM016
Credit Instruments and DerivativesBEFM017
FAFM Applied DissertationBEFM104
Finance and Banking Career ManagementBEFM901

Economics modules

Module titleModule code
Applied Econometrics 1BEEM011
Applied Econometrics 2BEEM012
Economics of Central BankingBEEM013
Health EconomicsBEEM014
Industrial Economics and StrategyBEEM015
Quantitative Research Techniques 1BEEM102
Optimization Techniques for EconomistsBEEM103
Quantitative Methods for FinanceBEEM104
International Trade and Regional IntegrationBEEM108
Quantitative Research Techniques 2BEEM112
Advanced EconometricsBEEM113
Research Design and DissertationBEEM115
Financial EconometricsBEEM116
Economics of Corporate FinanceBEEM117
Experimental Economics Project and DissertationBEEM118
Economics of BankingBEEM119
Macroeconomics of Money and Financial MarketsBEEM120
Experimental and Behavioural EconomicsBEEM125
Behavioural Choice and Financial Decision MakingBEEM126
Experimental MethodsBEEM127
Advanced Microeconomics IBEEM128
Advanced Microeconomics 2BEEM129
Advanced Macroeconomics IBEEM130
Advanced Macroeconomics IIBEEM131
Mathematics for Economic ResearchBEEM132
Research DissertationBEEM133

Management modules

Module titleModule code
Independent StudyBEMM006
Services MarketingBEMM019
Leading, Managing and Developing PeopleBEMM041
Resourcing and Talent ManagementBEMM042
Human Resource Management in ContextBEMM043
Human Resource Development (HRD)BEMM044
Employment RelationsBEMM045
Employment LawBEMM046
HR SkillsBEMM048
Research MethodsBEMM049
Masters Dissertation (HRM)BEMM056
Management Research ReportBEMM057
International Human Resource ManagementBEMM059
International Human Resource ManagementBEMM059A
Quantitative Research MethodsBEMM065
Qualitative Research MethodsBEMM066
Business and Management Research DesignBEMM067
Managing Competitive Strategy BEMM068
Marketing and New Product InnovationBEMM069
Service Innovation and Marketing BEMM070
Advanced Marketing SeminarsBEMM103
Entrepreneurship: New Venture DevelopmentBEMM108
Internet Marketing in the Information SocietyBEMM111
Managing OperationsBEMM114
Marketing Analysis and ResearchBEMM115
Principles of International BusinessBEMM116
Strategic Innovation ManagementBEMM118
Understanding Consumer BehaviourBEMM120
Purchasing and Supply Chain ManagementBEMM126
Business Skills and Concepts for Independent FilmBEMM127
Brand DesignBEMM128
Digital Business ModelsBEMM129
International Financial ManagementBEMM135
Marketing StrategyBEMM148
Business Project (MSc International Management)BEMM149
Business and Management Research SkillsBEMM158
Sustainable Enterprise EconomyBEMM161
Consumption, Markets and CultureBEMM164
Integrated Marketing CommunicationsBEMM166
Global Sourcing and Logistics ManagementBEMM169
Global Career Management - Theory and PracticeBEMM170
Future Trends for International ManagementBEMM171
Strategy for International ManagersBEMM172
International Operations ManagementBEMM173
Research Analysis Skills for Academic ResearchBEMM174
Research and Analysis Skills for Business ResearchBEMM175
Dissertation (Marketing)BEMM250
Dissertation (Management)BEMM251
Dissertation (Management)BEMM251A
European Study AbroadBEMM300
Tourism DissertationBEMM349
Dissertation for MRes MgtBEMM355
Methods and Techniques for Independent Research BEMM365
Tourist Behaviour: Theory and PracticeBEMM371
Tourism and MarketingBEMM374
Sustainable Tourism ManagementBEMM375
Work-Based LearningBEMM376
Tourism Business: Management, Impacts and EvaluationBEMM381
European Study Abroad BEMM382
Strategic ManagementBEMM607
Hospitality Resource ManagementBEMM767
Research and Consultancy ProjectBEMM771
Hospitality Service ManagementBEMM772
Digital Marketing and Society BEMM775

Personal & professional development Modules

Module titleModule code
Postgraduate Development ModuleBSDM100

Business School modules

Module titleModule code
Study Placement (PG Double Degree)BUSM000

Leadership modules

Module titleModule code
Leadership and Global ChallengesCLSM158

MBA modules

Module titleModule code
The Changing Business EnvironmentMBAM801
Integrated AccountingMBAM802
Finance and Responsible InvestmentMBAM803
Marketing and Customer EngagementMBAM804
Leadership DevelopmentMBAM805
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM806
Economics for a Sustainable WorldMBAM807
The Human Factor in Sustainable OrganisationsMBAM808
Strategic and Responsible Innovation ManagementMBAM809
Global Strategic Analysis and ManagementMBAM810
Sustainability Consulting ProjectMBAM811
Research DissertationMBAM812
Governance and Ethics in BusinessMBAM814
Collaborating and PartneringMBAM816
Sustainable Supply ManagementMBAM817
Exploring LeadershipMBAM818
Innovations in Sustainable FinanceMBAM820
Biomimicry and Business: Learning from NatureMBAM821
Managing Around the WorldMBAM822
Integrated AccountingMBAM824
Finance and Responsible InvestmentMBAM825
Marketing and Customer EngagementMBAM826
Leading Self and Organisational ChangeMBAM827
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM828
Economics for a Sustainable WorldMBAM829
Leadership ExchangeMBAM831
Sustainability in ContextMBAM833
Business 2 Business (B2B) MarketingMBAM834
Global Strategic Analysis and ManagementMBAM835
Executive and Professional SkillsMBAM836
MBA International ExperiencesMBAM838
Innovation and Knowledge in the WildsMBAM839
Practical Insights into Data and AnalyticsMBAM840
Negotiating, Collaboration and PartneringMBAM841
The Entrepreneurial Mindset and the Process of New Venture Creation for Tomorrow's LeadersMBAM842
Corporate ChallengesMBAM843
MBA Foundation ProgrammeMBAM900A
MBA Foundation Programme (Optional Accounting and Finance)MBAM900B
Economics for ManagersMBAM905
Economics for ManagersMBAM905A
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM906
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM906A
Strategic and Responsbile InnovationMBAM909
Strategic and Responsible Innovation MBAM909A
Emerging Business ModelsMBAM910
Emerging Business ModelsMBAM910A
Igniting Change in BusinessMBAM911
The Entrepreneurial MindsetMBAM912
The Entrepreneurial MindsetMBAM912A
Practical Insights into Data and AnalyticsMBAM913
Practical Insights into Data and AnalyticsMBAM913A
MBA ProjectMBAM914
MBA ProjectMBAM914A
The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Process: Starting Successful New VenturesMBAM915
The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Process: Starting Successful New VenturesMBAM915A
Generating Insights Through Deeper AnalyticsMBAM916
Generating Insights Through Deeper AnalyticsMBAM916A
Integrated AccountingMBAM921
Integrated AccountingMBAM921A
Finance and Responsible InvestmentMBAM922
Finance and Responsible InvestmentMBAM922A
Marketing and Customer EngagementMBAM923
Marketing and Customer EngagementMBAM923A
Personal Transformations MBAM924
Personal TransformationsMBAM924A
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM925
Managing Strategic Resources and OperationsMBAM925A
Economics for ManagersMBAM926
Economics for ManagersMBAM926A
B2B MarketingMBAM932
B2B MarketingMBAM932A
Sustainable FinanceMBAM934
Sustainable FinanceMBAM934A
Managing Around The WorldMBAM935
Managing Around the WorldMBAM935A
MBA International ExperiencesMBAM936
Tackling Global Challenges and Developing ResilienceMBAM937
Tackling Global Challenges and Developing ResilienceMBAM937A
Leading in the 4th Industrial RevolutionMBAM938
Business Models in ContextMBAM939
Personal TransformationsMBAM940
Igniting Change in BusinessMBAM941
Leading Resilient OrganisationsMBAM942
Leading Resilient OrganisationsMBAM942A
Personal TransformationsMBAM943
Financial Reporting and AnalysisMBAM944
Corporate FinanceMBAM945
Leadership Skills ExpeditionMBAM947