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University of Exeter Business School

Postgraduate taught modules

Accounting and Finance 2023/4

CodeModule TitleCreditsTerm(s)ELE link
(current students)
BEAM007 Investment Analysis Dissertation30BEAM007 on ELE
BEAM024 Advanced Financial Accounting151BEAM024 on ELE
BEAM025 Advanced Management Accounting152BEAM025 on ELE
BEAM029 Topics in Financial Economics152BEAM029 on ELE
BEAM031 Financial Instruments151BEAM031 on ELE
BEAM032 Investment Analysis 1151BEAM032 on ELE
BEAM033 Banking and Financial Services152BEAM033 on ELE
BEAM035 Derivatives Pricing152BEAM035 on ELE
BEAM036 Domestic and International Portfolio Management152BEAM036 on ELE
BEAM038 Investment Analysis 2152BEAM038 on ELE
BEAM042 International Financial Management152BEAM042 on ELE
BEAM045 Accounting for International Managers151BEAM045 on ELE
BEAM046 Financial Modelling151BEAM046 on ELE
BEAM047 Fundamentals of Financial Management151BEAM047 on ELE
BEAM050 Advanced Corporate Finance152BEAM050 on ELE
BEAM052 Corporate Governance and Finance152 and 3BEAM052 on ELE
BEAM053 Mergers, Management Buyouts and Other Corporate Reorganisations152BEAM053 on ELE
BEAM064 Work Based Project153BEAM064 on ELE
BEAM065 Bank Management152BEAM065 on ELE
BEAM066 Banking and Finance Research Project153BEAM066 on ELE
BEAM068 Accounting, Accounts and Accountability: examining its everyday use303BEAM068 on ELE
BEAM072 Principles of Finance151BEAM072 on ELE
BEAM078 Applied Empirical Accounting and Finance 151BEAM078 on ELE
BEAM079 Coding Analytics for Accounting and Finance303BEAM079 on ELE
BEAM080Z Finance for International Managers302BEAM080Z on ELE
BEAM081Z Accounting for Managerial Decision Making301BEAM081Z on ELE
BEAM082Z Sustainable Finance301BEAM082Z on ELE
BEAM101 Sustainable Finance Project303BEAM101 on ELE

Economics 2023/4

CodeModule TitleCreditsTerm(s)ELE link
(current students)
BEEM011 Applied Econometrics 1151BEEM011 on ELE
BEEM012 Applied Econometrics 2152BEEM012 on ELE
BEEM015 Industrial Economics and Strategy152BEEM015 on ELE
BEEM061 Fundamentals of Financial Technology151BEEM061 on ELE
BEEM062 Advanced Financial Technology152BEEM062 on ELE
BEEM063 Hackathon Project302 and 3BEEM063 on ELE
BEEM100 Macroeconomics152BEEM100 on ELE
BEEM101 Microeconomics151BEEM101 on ELE
BEEM103 Optimisation Techniques for Economists151BEEM103 on ELE
BEEM112 Quantitative Research Techniques 2152BEEM112 on ELE
BEEM115 Research Design and Dissertation602 and 3BEEM115 on ELE
BEEM117 Economics of Corporate Finance152BEEM117 on ELE
BEEM120 Macroeconomics of Money and Financial Markets151BEEM120 on ELE
BEEM124 Dissertation453BEEM124 on ELE
BEEM125 Experimental and Behavioural Economics152BEEM125 on ELE
BEEM133 Research Dissertation60BEEM133 on ELE
BEEM136 Research Methods I151BEEM136 on ELE
BEEM137 Microeconomic Theory I151BEEM137 on ELE
BEEM138 Macroeconomic Theory I151BEEM138 on ELE
BEEM139 Econometric Theory I151BEEM139 on ELE
BEEM140 Microeconomic Theory II152BEEM140 on ELE
BEEM141 Macroeconomic Theory II152BEEM141 on ELE
BEEM142 Econometric Theory II152BEEM142 on ELE
BEEM143 Research Methods II152BEEM143 on ELE
BEEM144 Topics in Microeconomic Theory I151BEEM144 on ELE
BEEM145 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory I151BEEM145 on ELE
BEEM146 Topics in Empirical Economics I151BEEM146 on ELE
BEEM147 Topics in Microeconomic Theory II152BEEM147 on ELE
BEEM148 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory II152BEEM148 on ELE
BEEM149 Topics in Empirical Economics II152BEEM149 on ELE
BEEM150 Dissertation603BEEM150 on ELE
BEEM152 Behavioural Development Economics152BEEM152 on ELE
BEEM154 Economics of Public Finance152BEEM154 on ELE
BEEM155 Development Economics151BEEM155 on ELE
BEEM156 Applied Development Economics Project453BEEM156 on ELE
BEEM157 Behavioural Finance151BEEM157 on ELE
BEEM159 Law for FinTech152BEEM159 on ELE
BEEM161 Smart Contracts152BEEM161 on ELE
BEEM162 Environmental Economics and Sustainability151BEEM162 on ELE
BEEM495Z Environmental Economics (GSS)302BEEM495Z on ELE

Management 2023/4

CodeModule TitleCreditsTerm(s)ELE link
(current students)
BEMM042 Resourcing and Talent Management152BEMM042 on ELE
BEMM044 Human Resource Development (HRD)151BEMM044 on ELE
BEMM045 Employment Relations151 and 2BEMM045 on ELE
BEMM046 Employment Law151 and 2BEMM046 on ELE
BEMM048 HR Skills151 and 2BEMM048 on ELE
BEMM049 Research Methods152BEMM049 on ELE
BEMM056 Masters Dissertation (HRM)602 and 3BEMM056 on ELE
BEMM057 Management Research Report152BEMM057 on ELE
BEMM059 International Human Resource Management151 and 2BEMM059 on ELE
BEMM065 Quantitative Research Methods151BEMM065 on ELE
BEMM066 Qualitative Research Methods151BEMM066 on ELE
BEMM067 Business and Management Research Design152BEMM067 on ELE
BEMM068 Managing Competitive Strategy152BEMM068 on ELE
BEMM069 Marketing and New Product Innovation152BEMM069 on ELE
BEMM071 Leadership and Global Challenges152BEMM071 on ELE
BEMM103 Advanced Marketing Seminars152BEMM103 on ELE
BEMM114 Managing Operations152BEMM114 on ELE
BEMM115 Marketing Analysis and Research151BEMM115 on ELE
BEMM116 Principles of International Business152BEMM116 on ELE
BEMM118 Strategic Innovation Management152 and 3BEMM118 on ELE
BEMM120 Understanding Consumer Behaviour152BEMM120 on ELE
BEMM126 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management151BEMM126 on ELE
BEMM128 Brand Design151BEMM128 on ELE
BEMM129 Digital Business Models152BEMM129 on ELE
BEMM148 Marketing Strategy151BEMM148 on ELE
BEMM149 Business Project302 and 3BEMM149 on ELE
BEMM158 Business and Management Research Skills151BEMM158 on ELE
BEMM164 Consumption, Markets and Culture152BEMM164 on ELE
BEMM166 Integrated Marketing Communications151BEMM166 on ELE
BEMM170 Global Career Management - Theory and Practice151 and 2BEMM170 on ELE
BEMM171 Future Trends for International Management151BEMM171 on ELE
BEMM172 Strategy for International Managers152BEMM172 on ELE
BEMM173 International Operations Management152BEMM173 on ELE
BEMM178 Innovation Management151 and 2BEMM178 on ELE
BEMM215 Marketing in Practice303BEMM215 on ELE
BEMM216 Advanced Research Methods and Analysis151BEMM216 on ELE
BEMM217 Macro-Level Organisation Theory151BEMM217 on ELE
BEMM219 Micro-Level Organisation Theory152BEMM219 on ELE
BEMM222 Agile Innovation301 and 2BEMM222 on ELE
BEMM223 Operations and Project Management 151BEMM223 on ELE
BEMM224 Funding, Accounting and Finance152BEMM224 on ELE
BEMM250 Dissertation (Marketing)302 and 3BEMM250 on ELE
BEMM251 Dissertation (Management)302 and 3BEMM251 on ELE
BEMM263 Innovation and Technology Policy151BEMM263 on ELE
BEMM264 Current Issues in International Business152BEMM264 on ELE
BEMM265 Sustainability and Behaviour Change151BEMM265 on ELE
BEMM267 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work152BEMM267 on ELE
BEMM268 Issues in Occupational Psychology151BEMM268 on ELE
BEMM269 Managing Employee Individual Differences, Personality and Performance152BEMM269 on ELE
BEMM270 Social Networks and Organisations151BEMM270 on ELE
BEMM355 Dissertation for MRes Mgt602BEMM355 on ELE
BEMM374 Tourism and Marketing152BEMM374 on ELE
BEMM375 Sustainable Tourism Management152BEMM375 on ELE
BEMM384 International Business Plan 301BEMM384 on ELE
BEMM385 Entrepreneur Business Startup601 and 2BEMM385 on ELE
BEMM386 Business Law and Mitigating Risk152BEMM386 on ELE
BEMM388 People Management151 and 2BEMM388 on ELE
BEMM389 Business Analytics and Research Skills152BEMM389 on ELE
BEMM390 Fundamentals of Management151BEMM390 on ELE
BEMM391 Sustainability, CSR and Business Ethics152BEMM391 on ELE
BEMM392 Summer School303BEMM392 on ELE
BEMM394 Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation151BEMM394 on ELE
BEMM395 HR Analytics152BEMM395 on ELE
BEMM455 Marketing for Management151BEMM455 on ELE
BEMM456 Organisational Management and Leadership151BEMM456 on ELE
BEMM457 Topics in Business Analytics 151BEMM457 on ELE
BEMM458 Programming for Business Analytics151 and 2BEMM458 on ELE
BEMM459 Database Technologies for Business Analytics 152BEMM459 on ELE
BEMM460 Statistics and Mathematics for Business Analytics151 and 2BEMM460 on ELE
BEMM461 Analytics and Visualisation for Managers and Consultants151BEMM461 on ELE
BEMM462 Operations Analytics152 and 3BEMM462 on ELE
BEMM463 Marketing Analytics152 and 3BEMM463 on ELE
BEMM464 Strategic and HR Analytics153BEMM464 on ELE
BEMM465 Environmental Analytics152 and 3BEMM465 on ELE
BEMM466 Business Project451BEMM466 on ELE
BEMM472 International HRM in Practice303BEMM472 on ELE
BEMM473 Talent in Organisations151BEMM473 on ELE
BEMM486 Design Intelligence152BEMM486 on ELE
BEMM487 Entrepreneurship: Venture Launch303BEMM487 on ELE
BEMM488 Entrepreneurship and Complete Sustainable Value Creation152BEMM488 on ELE
BEMM490Z International Business and Globalisation301BEMM490Z on ELE
BEMM491Z Cross-Cultural Management301BEMM491Z on ELE
BEMM492Z International Business Project - Planning in Practice30BEMM492Z on ELE
BEMM495Z Responsible Leadership301BEMM495Z on ELE
BEMM778 Applied Digital Marketing Analytics151BEMM778 on ELE
BEMM779 Content Creation and Communication151BEMM779 on ELE
BEMM780 Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Environment152BEMM780 on ELE
BEMM781 Contemporary Digital Marketing Themes 301 and 2BEMM781 on ELE
BEMM782 Digital Marketing Planning152BEMM782 on ELE
BEMM783 Supply Chain Analytics151BEMM783 on ELE
BEMM784 Operations Management301 and 2BEMM784 on ELE
BEMM785 Operations Project453BEMM785 on ELE
BEMM786 Service Design and Innovation152 and 3BEMM786 on ELE
BEMM787 HR Strategy, Context and Performance301, 2 and 3BEMM787 on ELE
BEMM788 People Management, Skills and Behaviours301, 2 and 3BEMM788 on ELE
BEMM789 Sports Management Business Plan302 and 3BEMM789 on ELE
BEMM792 Research Workshops301 and 2BEMM792 on ELE
BEMM793 International Sport Policy, Governance and Contemporary Issues302BEMM793 on ELE
BEMM809 Research Workshops153BEMM809 on ELE

MBA 2023/4

CodeModule TitleCreditsTerm(s)ELE link
(current students)
MBAM844 Business of Climate Change53MBAM844 on ELE
MBAM845 Leading Performance 10MBAM845 on ELE
MBAM846 Leading Wellbeing in Organizations53MBAM846 on ELE
MBAM847 Leadership Skills Expedition53MBAM847 on ELE
MBAM848 The Politics of Sustainability53MBAM848 on ELE
MBAM849 Being An Entrepreneur: New Venture Creation103MBAM849 on ELE
MBAM850 Sustainable Finance103MBAM850 on ELE
MBAM851 MBA Sustainable Business International 103MBAM851 on ELE
MBAM852 Behavioural Economics for Leaders103MBAM852 on ELE
MBAM853 Strategic Sales Management53MBAM853 on ELE
MBAM854 Applied skills: Becoming an effective Negotiator/influencer53MBAM854 on ELE
MBAM855 Media in the Age of AI 103MBAM855 on ELE
MBAM856 Strategic Brand Management103MBAM856 on ELE
MBAM914 MBA Project202 and 3MBAM914 on ELE
MBAM915B The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Process: Starting Successful New Ventures153MBAM915B on ELE
MBAM934B Sustainable Finance153MBAM934B on ELE
MBAM935B Managing Around the World153MBAM935B on ELE
MBAM936B MBA International Experiences153MBAM936B on ELE
MBAM939B Business Models in Context153MBAM939B on ELE
MBAM942B Leading Resilient Organisations153MBAM942B on ELE
MBAM947B Leadership Skills Expedition152 and 3MBAM947B on ELE
MBAM955B Behavioural Economics in Practice153MBAM955B on ELE
MBAM958B HRM and the Future of Work (is Now)153MBAM958B on ELE
MBAM959B Digital Service Design153MBAM959B on ELE
MBAM960 Achieving Enduring Success301 and 2MBAM960 on ELE
MBAM961 Designing a Better Future for All201 and 2MBAM961 on ELE
MBAM962B Creating the New201 and 2MBAM962B on ELE
MBAM963 Leading with Purpose301 and 2MBAM963 on ELE
MBAM964 Understanding Our World301 and 2MBAM964 on ELE
MBAM965B Digital Marketing and Communications153MBAM965B on ELE
MBAM966B Strategic Sales Management153MBAM966B on ELE
MBAM967B Applied Skills: Becoming an Effective Negotiator153MBAM967B on ELE
MBAM968B Media in the Age of AI153MBAM968B on ELE
MBAM969B Strategic Brand Management153MBAM969B on ELE

BSc Business (Penryn Campus only) 2023/4

CodeModule TitleCreditsTerm(s)ELE link
(current students)
BEPM001 Major Project452 and 3BEPM001 on ELE
BEPM002 Biomimicry and Circular Economy Design Principles151BEPM002 on ELE
BEPM003 Business Transformation Case Study153BEPM003 on ELE
BEPM008 Sustainable Business Management 151BEPM008 on ELE
BEPM009 Strategic Innovation for Sustainable Business 152BEPM009 on ELE
BEPM010 Circular Economy Management Consultancy Services152BEPM010 on ELE
BEPM011 Environmental Governance 151BEPM011 on ELE
BEPM012 Contemporary Tourism Industry151BEPM012 on ELE
BEPM013 Sustainable Tourism Management152BEPM013 on ELE

Personal & professional development 2023/4

CodeModule TitleCreditsTerm(s)ELE link
(current students)
BSDM101 Postgraduate Employability and Careers Development1, 2 and 3BSDM101 on ELE