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Short-term placements

The benefits to your business

  • Recruit high calibre, enthusiastic students
  • Inject fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge
  • Undertake a sustainability health check
  • Trial a prospective employee
  • Fill a skills gap
  • Resource a project
  • Raise your profile on campus

The two main short-term placement programmes that we offer are:

  • Business Experience (for students based in Exeter)
  • BSc Business (offered to Penryn students)

Business Experience placements (Streatham Campus)

Details of our Business Experience short-term placements:

These are designed to encourage Year 1 and Year 2 undergraduate students to enhance their employability through a guided programme of study and practical business experience. Direction is provided through subject-based seminars, interactive e-resources and personal guidance. This 15 credit work placement module lasts for a minimum of 140 hours (4 weeks). Most placements take place during late spring and early summer.

Business Experience placements can be paid or unpaid. Industrial placement students, however are often paid between £12,00 and £23,000 per annum.

Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business and Management.

We can advertise your placement free of charge. You simply need to provide a job description which should include: an organisation introduction, placement overview, remuneration, person specification, preferred start and end dates and application instructions. We advise advertising 3 months before the start of short-term placements.

To find out more about working with the Business School Careers Team contact us via: or +44 (0)1392 723829.

BSc Business placements (Penryn Campus)

Details of our BSc Business short-term placements:

BSc Business, based at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall, is a career-focused business and management programme, with an ethos of ethics and sustainability, incorporating extensive work placements.

The curriculum is made up of a compulsory core together with specialist subjects, allowing students to choose modules that most interest them including:

  • Marketing in a Digital Age
  • Accounting
  • Operations Management
  • Economics
  • Project Management
  • Social and Technological Innovation

If your organisation has a short-term project that needs kick-starting, a bright Business student could be exactly what you need to get that project going as well as giving that student valuable experience to boost their employability. Placements can be paid or unpaid.

Students will take a placement in both year 1 and 2 between April and August and complete a consultancy project during the autumn of their 3rd year, each carries 15 credits towards their degree for a minimum of 70 hours.

The University of Exeter Business School, Penryn and Employability Adviser will provide a range of support to help students develop skills attractive to employers. Direction is provided through subject based seminars, interactive electronic resources and personal guidance.

Contact us on the Email below. We can advertise your placement opportunities to our students free of charge. We simply ask for a job description, which we can provide guidance on. Provide an outline of your placement/project supported by your contact details for potential applications to be sent direct to your organisation.

To find out more about working with Penryn, please email