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Dr Stephen Nei

Dr Stephen Nei

Lecturer in Economics


 Streatham Court 0.48


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Stephen joined UEBS in 2020 after completing a three-year position as a postdoctoral prize research fellow at Nuffield College/University of Oxford. He received his PhD from Stanford University in 2017.

Stephen’s research focuses on the application of network science to economics with a particular emphasis on applied microeconomic theory. He is also interested in other areas of applied micro theory such as matching and in behavioral and experimental economics.


  • PhD (Stanford University)


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Research interests

  • Applied Microeconomic Theory
  • Networks
  • Behavioral and experimental

Stephen’s main research interest is social and economic networks, particularly as a means for modelling social learning. He is also interested into the insights of behavioral economics for learning and into the use of experimental and empirical methods to refine theories and motivate modelling.

Research projects

Stephen is currently working on a theoretical model of how individuals choose from whom to learn in the presence of real-world frictions to the communication of information. To test the validity of this theory, he is working on a collaboration to analyze network data from a field experiment in Nepal. In addition, he is developing a lab experiment to test for how well individuals anticipate the economic choices of others when evaluating the claims they make.

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Journal articles

Jackson MO, Nei S (In Press). Networks of Military Alliances, Wars, and International Trade. SSRN Electronic Journal
Nei S, Pakzad-Hurson B (2021). Strategic disaggregation in matching markets. Journal of Economic Theory
Jackson MO, Nei S (2015). Networks of military alliances, wars, and international trade. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(50), 15277-15284. Abstract.

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