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University of Exeter Business School

Dr Ruth Cherrington

Dr Ruth Cherrington

Lecturer in Sustainable Futures

 +44 (0) 1326 255029

 Stella Turk Building 


University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, TR10 9FE


Ruth is a business-facing academic who brings empirical and applied research to the teaching of circular economy and sustainable business practices for both executive, undergraduate, and postgraduate education. Her commitment to scholarship is reflected in the development of impactful projects, showcasing not only her dedication to advancing knowledge but also an ability to communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences. These projects contributed to the University of Exeter Small Business Charter accreditation, demonstrating the business school’s effectiveness in supporting small businesses, student entrepreneurs and they local economy.

Her research explores how sustainable practices are embedded within organisations and considers the importance of local context, communities, and environmental conditions. She is an affiliate member of the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and her research sits within these overlapping themes to consider the future of business.

She plays a pivotal role leading the Help to Grow Management executive education program in Cornwall, and has successfully overseen multiple cohorts of business leaders, guiding them from initial induction to the completion of the program.

Ruth has made influential contribution to the development of three innovative teaching modules within the Business School. These modules draw inspiration from nature's designs and processes to address human challenges (BEP3130), consider circular principles and systems thinking to find creative business solutions (BEPM002) and engage in critical discussions about the impacts of economic activities on the environment and society (BEP1150).


  • BSc (Hons) Renewable Energy
  • PhD in Engineering


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Research projects

  • ESRC Festival of Science Novembed 2023 Global Donut Day: Doughnut Economics In Cornwall
  • UKRI Future Fibres Networking Grant (Jul 2023 - 30 Jul 2025)
  • Open Innovation Platform Link Funding - Global Circular Open Data Sharing Network (Jun 2023 - Jun 2026)
  • Innovation Caucus Thought Leadership Project ‘Future of Innovation: Design; Social Capital; Green Growth’ (Aug 2022 - Dec 2022)
  • EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account - Circular Textiles (May 2022 - Jul 2022)
  • TeX Innovation Big Lottery Fund (Jan 2022 - Jan 2023)
  • ESF Accelerating Circular Skills for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly (ARCA) (Mar 2021 - Dec 2023)
  • ESF Meeting Smart Specialisation business needs through Higher Level Skills (SS-HLS) (Sept 2020 - Aug 2023)
  • ERDF Future Focus 2 (Mar 2020 - Jun 2023)
  • UKRI EPSRC Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems - SMART and Sustainable Coatings (Aug 2020- Mar 2021)
  • UKRI Exeter Multidisciplinary Plastics Research hub: ExeMPLaR (Jan 2019 – June 2021)

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Goodship V, Middleton B, Cherrington R (2015). Design and Manufacture of Plastic Components for Multifunctionality: Structural Composites, Injection Molding, and 3D Printing. Abstract.

Journal articles

Cherrington R, Manolchev C, Alexander A (2024). Enabling Circular Economy Practices in Regional Contexts: Insights from the UK Southwest. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Abstract.
Charnley F, Jain A, Mueller F, Nelson CA, Ventosa S, Wendland S, Cherrington R (2024). Retaining product value in post-consumer textiles: How to scale a closed-loop system. Resources, Conservation and Recycling Abstract.
Cherrington R, Llano E, Dimov R, Bhattacharya A (2023). A Perspective on Circular Innovation: Dynamics, Strategies, and Implications. International Journal of Innovation Management Abstract.
Okorie O, Russell J, Cherrington R, Fisher O, Charnley F (2023). Digital transformation and the circular economy: Creating a competitive advantage from the transition towards Net Zero Manufacturing. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 189 Abstract.
Cherrington R, Manolchev C, Alexander A, Fishburn J (2023). Learning through Games: Facilitating Meaning-Making in Online Exchanges. Management Learning Abstract.
Cherrington R, Marshall J, Alexander AT, Goodship V (2022). Exploring the circular economy through coatings in transport. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 32, 136-146.
Manolchev C, Cherrington R, Alexander A (2022). Towards ‘Employability 3.0’: from Practice to Praxis. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Abstract.
Cherrington R, Wood BM, Salaoru I, Goodship V (2016). Digital Printing of Titanium Dioxide for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. Journal of Visualized Experiments(111).
Cherrington R, Hughes D, Sundaram S, Goodship V (2015). Inkjet printed TiO2 nanoparticles from aqueous solutions for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Energy Technology, 3 Abstract.
Goodship V, Brzeski I, Wood BM, Cherrington R, Makenji K, Reynolds N, Gibbons GJ (2014). Gas-assisted compression moulding of recycled GMT: Effect of gas injection parameters. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 214(3), 515-523.
Cherrington R, Goodship V, Longfield A, Kirwan K (2013). The feed-in tariff in the UK: a case study focus on domestic photovoltaic systems. Renewable Energy, 50, 421-426.
Cherrington R, Goodship V, Meredith J, Wood BM, Coles SR, Vuillaume A, Feito-Boirac A, Spee F, Kirwan K (2012). Producer responsibility: Defining the incentive for recycling composite wind turbine blades in Europe. Energy Policy, 47, 13-21.


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Cherrington R (2023). Ooho from Notpla: Sector focus: Plastics and technological solutions. In  (Ed) Handbook of the Circular Economy: Transitions and Transformation, 475-477.
Cherrington R (2023). Teemill: Sector focus: Fashion and textiles. In  (Ed) Handbook of the Circular Economy: Transitions and Transformation, 401-403.
Cherrington R (2023). Triodos Bank: Sector focus: Finance. In  (Ed) Handbook of the Circular Economy: Transitions and Transformation, 461-462.
Cherrington R, Makenji K (2019). Mechanical methods of recycling plastics from WEEE. In  (Ed) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Handbook, 283-310. Abstract.
Cherrington R, Goodship V (2016). Introduction to Multifunctionality and Manufacture. In  (Ed) Design and Manufacture of Plastic Components for Multifunctionality: Structural Composites, Injection Molding, and 3D Printing, 1-18. Abstract.
Cherrington R, Liang J (2016). Materials and Deposition Processes for Multifunctionality. In  (Ed) Design and Manufacture of Plastic Components for Multifunctionality: Structural Composites, Injection Molding, and 3D Printing, 19-51. Abstract.
Makenji K, Cherrington R (2014). Plastic Trim. In  (Ed) Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering, Wiley, 1-6.


Cherrington R, Manolchev C, Alexander A (2023). Towards a Circular Economy: Insights from a UK Rural Community. XXXIV ISPIM Innovation Conference. 4th - 7th Jun 2023.
Cherrington R, Alexander A, Boehm S, Manolchev C, Monciardini D, Pascucci S (2021). The sociomateriality of plastic waste: a cross-case comparison. ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovating Our Common Future. 20th - 23rd Jun 2021.
Alexander A, Boehm S, Pascucci S, Cherrington R (2020). Circular Innovations: Sustainable Innovations, Eco-Innovations and Circular Regeneration?. the ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovating in Times of Crisis. 7th - 10th Jun 2020.
Cherrington R, Alexander A (2020). Innovation in the periphery: the case of SMEs in Cornwall. ISPIM Connects Global 2020: Celebrating the World of Innovation. 7th - 8th Dec 2020.
Goodship V, Middleton B, Fiamegkou E, Cherrington R (2017). Building in multifunctionality in plastic components: Complexity, cost and sustainability. Abstract.

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