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University of Exeter Business School

 Imogen Clements

Imogen Clements

Lecturer in Business Strategy


 Streatham Court 1.62 Streatham Court


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Imogen Clements is a Lecturer in Business Strategy. She brings to the role twenty years of real-world experience as a senior strategist at a number of leading global and UK corporations including OgilvyOne and News UK. Her corporate roles gave her access to a wide range of clients from the public sector, FMCG, automotive and telecommunications.

Imogen came to brand and communications strategy after three years of market sector research in Madrid. Her experience there underlined the importance of data analysis in pinpointing key trends and sector opportunities alongside cultural factors responsible for regional variation.

Subsequently, her work in London as a senior planner in brand development and communications strategy honed her interest in customer psychology and behavioural economics. She learned to apply strategic models, frameworks and tried-and-tested toolkits to problem-solving and the value of systems management in enterprise, big and small.

After 15 years in London, Imogen relocated to the UK’s South West where she applied the knowledge she’d gained in started up her own publishing business. This she ran for four years during which her business picked up five UK media awards, attracted global brands as advertisers and further indulged her fascination for business and the people behind it. As owner/publisher she met and interviewed founders and executives behind a wide range of successful start-ups and established businesses, as well as high profile individuals considered to be success stories in their fields.

Imogen began teaching at Exeter University as an associate lecturer for the Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship. She taught on a number of modules comprising the WPI Entrepreneurship pathway, before being appointed Lecturer in Business Strategy in 2022.

Imogen has a keen interest in how and why we buy, and the wider impact of the digital economy on civic communities and town planning.  She consults in Brand Strategy and Corporate Storytelling.

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Imogen brings to her lectures insight, experience and anecdotes garnered from her roles in industry and as an entrepreneur. She will, where possible, apply business theory to real-world examples in order to bring subject material to life for students and make lectures as engaging as possible. 

2021/22 Modules at UEBS

BEM 2046 – Entrepreneurial Value Creation

BEM 2036 – Thinking Entrepreneurially

BEM 3060 – Managing Entrepreneurially



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