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Dr Chien-Nien Chen

Dr Chien-Nien Chen

Research Fellow




I am a research fellow in Centre for Simulation, Analytics and Modelling, as well as Centre for Water Systems of Civil Engineering. My academic expertise covers operational management, modelling and simulation, Digit Twins, business management, environmental management, and heritage management. My research interest features interdisciplinary exploration with methodology particularly bridging social science approaches with science and engineering, as the world is gradually not merely focusing on natural or built environment separately, but needs a holistic view on natural and built environment simultaneously which is my passion and speciality. My works also feature international collaboration. With more than 20-year career development in engineering industry, I had led a team that played a leading role dominating several environmental policy developments in Taiwan. I am currently also appointed as a technical advisor in MWH (now Stantec), a global leading environmental engineering consultancy company. 


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Research interests

  • Circular Economy
  • Operation Management   
  • Simulation, Analytics and Modelling
  • Digital Twins
  • Sustainability in manufacture
  • Heritage sustainability and resilience

Research projects

I am currently working on Arsinoe, Ultimate, and NextGen research project, which are funded by EU H2020. The Ultimate project focuses on water related symbiosis strategy between industries. The NextGen project is to promote circular economy relating to water resource. The Arsinoe project is to investigate climate resilience. 

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