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University of Exeter Business School

Dr Aditi Samant

Dr Aditi Samant

Post Doctoral Research Associate

 Xfi Building 


Xfi Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4ST, UK


Aditi is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy (LEEP) Institute, University of Exeter Business School. She is currently associated with the Valuation of Outdoor Culture and Heritage Capital Project.

Prior to this she was a PhD(Economics) student at Indian Institute of Technology -Bombay (IIT-B). Her research area is focused on Socio-Ecological Systems Frameworks, Environmental resource valuation and conservation. Her PhD thesis, delved into the intricate balance between efficient resource utilisation and sustainable development within wetland ecosystems. Recognizing the diverse nature of wetlands and their surrounding landscapes, the study employed a combination of Systems thinking and Multi-criteria Decision Analysis tools to assess the complex interplay between communities and wetland's resources.

Through her research, she aspires to foster accountable feedback mechanisms that integrate human judgments, ensuring the long-term conservation and productivity of wider ecosystems.


  • PhD Economics

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Research interests

  • Conservation Strategies for Protected Areas
  • Restoration & Mitigation
  • Natural Capital Accounting
  • Planning & Managing Urban Green Spaces
  • Community-led development
  • SES Frameworks

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