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Dr Jesse Fagan

Dr Jesse Fagan

Lecturer in Data Analytics

+44 (0) 1392 72

Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

Jesse Fagan joined the Business School in September of 2018. He is currently a Lecturer of Data Analytics and as the Deputy Director of the Research Methods Center. Jesse earned his PhD in 2017 in the field of Management and Organizational Networks at the University of Kentucky, an MA in Sociology and BA in Mathematics / English from Colorado State University. His broad social science research background has led to a very wide range of published research: from anthropological studies of World of Warcraft, inter-organizational networks, and even emergency room substance use screening. He has consulted for non-profits, large corporations, state agencies, and schools to help them understand how the links that bind each individual together impacts performance, safety, or satisfaction.

Jesse’s doctoral studies were enriched in social network theory and analytics under his advisors Daniel Brass, Joe Labianca, and Stephen Borgatti. For his doctoral work, he was embedded with a large corporation for three years as they coordinated a post-merger integration. His dissertation research analyzed the content and social network of millions of email messages exchanged between members of the two organizations involved in the merger. His ongoing research focuses on the ways passively collected big data in organizations (such as email, meeting attendance, process flows, etc.) can be used to help organizations succeed and help employees lead a more satisfying and productive work life.

Jesse was born in Texas, has lived all over the United States, but considers Denver, Colorado, USA to be his home. He currently lives in Exeter with his wife, plays Lego with his two sons, and practices ukulele during the loading screens on his PS4.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Deputy Director of Research Methods Centre
  • Advanced Research Computing Service Owner's Board

Nationality: American


  • PhD Management
  • MA Sociology
  • BA English & Mathematics


Research interests

  • Organizational network analysis
  • People analytics in management
  • Big data and natural language processing
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in management

Organizations would not exist if not for the connections between people: the flows of information between people, their positive and negative interactions, their perceptions and attitudes towards others in the organization. The ways in which these components are arranged impact how well the organization performs and how people feel about their work. My research focuses on understanding how structures of relationships impact the organization and employees. I use a broad range of methods combining survey research with big data analytics of communications to form a detailed picture of organizational life and apply machine learning models to make sense of it all.

My current teaching is focused on quantitative research in management, and data analytics for managers. In the past I have taught subjects such as organizational behavior, interpersonal skills, and group / team dynamics at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

I try to teach in the form of a flipped classroom. Students are expected to read, watch, listen, or pratice material before coming to class. Class time is used to elaborate on the material or collaboratively work on real-world problems. The classroom is blended and combines rich array of media and activities.