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 Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews

Lecturer in Accounting


+44 (0) 1392 726285

Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

Ian Andrews joined the Business School in 2012 with a 15-year teaching career behind him in both the public and private sector. He has taught across a range of accounting strands, including financial and management accounting, financial management and taxation.

He has an enthusiasm for accounting which he strives to communicate to his students.

Nationality: British


  • MSc (Economics) (LSE), FCCA

Research interests

  • History of management accounting
    • Early cost accounting
    • Accounting information: vertically-integrated, and multi-divisional firms
    • Activity-based information
  • Performance measurement
    • Balanced scorecard

Management accounting: encourages students to think creatively about financial decision making across a range of scenarios, from establishing costs to setting selling prices and budgets, to measuring performance.

Financial accounting: students encounter methods and issues relating to the collection and reporting of financial information. It provides a set of underpinning skills and knowledge which is used at all levels in the accountancy profession.