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Department of Finance and Accounting

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As a PhD researcher, your academic journey will be supported by supervisors who possess relevant research expertise and share common research interests.

We recommend reaching out to potential PhD supervisors directly to engage in discussions about your application and research aspirations.

To identify a suitable supervisor, it is essential to explore the faculty members listed in the relevant departments. Delve into their research interests, published works, and areas of expertise to find a match that aligns with your own academic pursuits.

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Supervisor Bio Keywords

Chendi Zhang

Chendi’s research interests are sustainable finance (environment, social and governance (ESG) investing, socially responsible investments, and CSR), corporate finance (debt structure, share repurchases, dividends, and M&A), behavioural finance (investor attention, sentiment, and investor myopia), and emerging markets finance (Asia and Latin America). Sustainable Finance; Corporate Finance; Behavioural Finance; ESG Investing; CSR, and Emerging Markets

Christina Dargenidou

Christina’s research interests are in the intersection between finance and accounting. She is keen to investigate the information that accounting numbers and rules convey to share prices and returns and she aspires to contribute to the understanding of the underlying mechanism. Her recent work has focused on intangible assets. Financial Analysis; Market Based Accounting Research; Intangibles

Enrico Onali

  Corporate Finance; Banking; Capital Markets; Applied Econometrics

Grzegorz Trojanowski

Grzegorz’s research interests focus on the areas of corporate governance, corporate finance, ESG and corporate social responsibility, corporate reporting, boards of directors and top management teams. Grzegorz is interested in supervising empirical PhD projects employing quantitative research techniques in these areas. ESG; CSR; Corporate Governance; Corporate Finance

John Burns

Broadly, John is interested in the role of accounts, accounting and accountability in organisations and society, as well as the values that underpin the practising of these things. Recent and current research has investigated these roles, for example, in the context of hospitals, professional sports, homelessness, sustainable development, and higher education. John's research is qualitative, usually involving theoretically-informed case studies, in particular drawing on institutional theory. Accounts; Accountability; Accounting and Values; Institutional Theory; Case Study Research

Monika Tarsalewska

  Corporate Finance; Executive Compensation; Private Equity; Venture Capital, Corporate Misconduct; Innovation

Peta Myers

Peta’s interest is in qualitative research, particularly in the field of Accounting Education. Social justice is a critical aspect of how we view our interactions with students, to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed. Accounting Education, Qualitative Research, Social Justice

Pengguo Wang

Pengguo’s principal research interests relate to the use of financial statement information in business valuation. The methodology he proposed has been applied by investment funds to develop stock trading strategies in recent years. His current research interests are focused on the use of accounting numbers to estimate the cost of capital and equity risk premium, market anomalies, forecasting of corporate earnings, accounting conservatism, and the theory and application of economic-profit-based business valuation. Business Valuation, Stock Trading, Financial Statement Information, Equity Risk Premium, Earnings Forecasting

Stephen Jollands

Stephen's research focuses on sustainable development and issues related to social and ecological sustainability. He is particularly interested in the unexpected and unintended consequences of artefacts that are mobilised in relation to aspects of these issues, including those that are labelled as ‘accounting for sustainability’. The main focus of his current research is on the area of ‘accounting for the vulnerable’, with a specific examination of homelessness. This is complimented by research looking at the ‘valuation of ecology’, with a specific examination of natural capital accounting. Stephen utilises qualitative methods, which are underpinned by specific sociological perspectives. Sustainable Development, Social and Ecological Sustainability, Case Study Research

Vicky Kiosse

Vicky Kiosse’s research interests focus on capital market-based research, financial accounting and reporting, accounting standard-setting, pensions, non-GAAP reporting, disclosures, corporate governance and corporate responsibility and she's interested in supervising empirical PhD projects in these areas. Capital Market-Based Research, Pensions, Non-GAAP Reporting, Disclosures, ESG, Corporate Governance

Jason Cen

Jason’s research interests are international asset pricing, portfolio theory, and sustainable investing. Specifically, he is keen to investigate the role of currency factors in enhancing international portfolio diversification. Additionally, one of his recent research projects examines how the incorporation of ESG ratings impacts mutual fund performance. International Asset Pricing, Portfolio Theory, Sustainable Investing, Currency Factors, Mutual Funds