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The Exeter MBA

Exeter MBA Consultancy Projects

MBA Consultancy Projects enable businesses to benefit from our talented, international professionals participating in a forward-looking, cutting edge accredited MBA. 

Each of our MBA participants has the capability to bring innovative business thinking to your organisation.

How does it work?

November - February

From November to February, the students will be thinking through their different project options. If a student is interested in exploring a project with your organisation, the MBA Team will be in touch to make an introduction.

April - May From April, the student will work with you, supported by their academic supervisor, to develop their project idea further and to produce their project proposal which they will need to have completed by early May.
May - September

Students will conduct their project from May/June to September, producing a consultancy report by early September.  We will be asking you for feedback on the student which will account for 10% of their overall consultancy project mark.

What has been done in the past?

Below are a series of short videos showcasing MBA Consultancy Projects:

David & Charles







Devon Garden



What costs are involved?

MBA students will develop a formal project scope, which will include an estimate of costs. Organisations do not have to pay for student’s work, however, all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the student (e.g., travel, phone calls, etc.) must be covered by the organisation. All project costs will be agreed with the client before they are incurred.

 In some cases, the nature or extent of the work may justify additional payment, salary, or other compensation. This might be the case if an MBA participant is required to work full-time on the organisation's premises, as well as fulfilling their project, or where an MBA participant's expertise and experience is such that it will add considerable value to the project outcome and benefit to the organisation.

Is the work kept confidential?

If you wish the information collected by the student, during the course of the project, and the final report itself, to be treated in confidence, we can put an agreement in place so that the report is only read and assessed by Business School faculty and an external examiner. Beyond this the content will not be disclosed.

Contact us

If you are interested in exploring an MBA Consultancy Project, please contact:

Jorandi Scholtz
MBA Corporate Engagement Manager