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British Council, 2014

With Year Abroad

'With Year Abroad' pathway

Choosing the 'With Year Abroad' pathway means your degree will be four years, with the third year abroad before you return to Exeter to finish your final year.

'With Year Abroad' is open to all Business School students regardless of language abilities. The majority of our partner universities offer a full range of modules taught in English, but you may like to study a foreign language at the University of Exeter's Foreign Language Centre (FLC) to help you make the most of your time abroad.

You can study for the whole period at one of our internationally recognised partner universities in Europe, spend one semester studying and one semester doing a work placement or spend the whole year working abroad. The assessments completed on your year abroad will be converted to the Exeter marking system and will contribute towards your Exeter degree classification. Your degree title will reflect this, with the addition of ‘With Year Abroad’ to your existing programme. 

You can use your year abroad to take advantage of a different institution’s expertise to learn something new, or take the opportunity to really get to know a subject area you love taught from a different perspective. We also encourage students to take classes in other subject areas where possible to broaden their knowledge base. However you choose to do it, you will be further enhancing your knowledge and skills, all whilst absorbing a new country and culture.

Current students, please refer to the Business School - With Year Abroad (WYA) programme


The four-year 'With Year Abroad' pathway is available on all our undergraduate programmes. You can apply directly through UCAS - see the UCAS codes on the individual programme pages.

If you are considering adding ‘with Year Abroad’ to your degree, please get in touch with the Programme Director as soon as possible to discuss your options. You can find further information on transferring to and applying for the ‘With Year Abroad’ pathway here. Please note, you cannot apply for the ‘With Year Abroad’ pathway until the first term of your second year.

If a student on a with Year Abroad programme does not apply for a placement, does not attain the minimum grade average requirement, or does not meet the application deadline, they will be required to transfer back to the equivalent three-year degree programme. 

With Year Abroad programmes are competitive, and there is a selection procedure that takes place in your 2nd year. Your acceptance on to a year abroad is subject to satisfactory academic performance and the level of research you have undertaken into your chosen institution.

To help you prepare for the selection procedure and ultimately your year abroad, we offer guidance and support throughout your 1st and 2nd year. Each of our partner universities is well equipped to deal with incoming exchange students and there will be designated members of staff at the partner university, and at Exeter, to help and support you during your time abroad. You will also be able to meet and chat to students who have recently returned from a year abroad, and once you’re abroad you’ll be able to meet students who have done a similar exchange at Exeter.

For students interested in undertaking a semester in a work placement, there is also a dedicated team to provide support and resources to help you.

Most countries that our students go to allow you to get a part time job. Additionally, you can opt to spend one semester studying and one semester working abroad. Under With Year Abroad, you can either opt to spend one semester studying and one semester working abroad or spend the year working abroad. Past students have worked for a wide range of leading global organisations including: J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, L’Oreal, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Daimler Chrysler, GlaxoSmith Kline, Deutsche Bank and Reuters. If you undertake a work placement you’ll need to complete a work placement report based on your experience and this will contribute to your overall mark for the year. Although we cannot guarantee work placements, there are a range of teams in the university who can help with the application process.

Whether you are a UK or international student, you won’t have to pay tuition fees to the host University for your year abroad and you will pay just 15% of your tuition fees to Exeter. You are still entitled to receive your student loan, and you may also receive a non means-tested Erasmus+ grant to help cover the cost of additional expenses such as accommodation and travel. You may also be eligible for additional funding to undertake intensive language courses in the month before study starts, usually in the host country. Some students are eligible for a means tested Student Finance Travel Grant which will reimburse study abroad related costs. More information is on the Student Finance website. Some Local Authorities offer additional funding for Study Abroad students and may reimburse you for some of the costs incurred in your period abroad (e.g. air fares, insurance costs). To find out if you are eligible, please contact your Local Authority.