Freddie Godding - University of Adelaide, Australia

BSc Economics with International Study

Freddie made the most of every opportunity available during his year abroad at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

“The choice to study abroad was an obvious one for me. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to study at more than one University during your degree and I chose to study at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Besides being one of the top eight research universities in Australia, Adelaide, like Exeter, is a campus university, right in the centre of town with amazing facilities, professors and overall quality of life. From cycling along the river to campus each day to going on surf trips at the weekend and public barbeques in the local parklands, Adelaide was a perfect university town for me.

The main purpose of my study abroad was to get a different perspective on the global economy. In Australia, I was able to take advantage of a more Asian-centric approach taken by the University of Adelaide, in contrast to the US/Eurocentric approach I have experienced at Exeter. This has been hugely beneficial to my understanding of the global economy and its history.

I think the most important thing I learnt on my year abroad was how to be truly independent. When I arrived, I had no bank account, phone number or even accommodation but within a week I had all of those and a job under my belt working as a bartender in town.

Putting yourself through this experience develops maturity, financial responsibility and adaptability in difficult situations. These are all transferable, desirable skills for employers and will definitely help me in my future career. My year abroad has also made me more confident and outgoing in general, as it takes you completely out of your comfort zone and I can’t thank Exeter enough for providing me with this opportunity.

The best thing about study abroad was the opportunity to travel. I definitely made the most of the four months we had off for the Australian summer holidays, starting with a two month road trip in a car I bought in Adelaide driving 10,000km north up the east coast of Australia with a bunch of Swedish guys. Then, after completing a diving course in Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef, I flew to Auckland NZ to catch a hop on and off bus tour of both the north and south island in which I had the chance to bungee jump, hike and white water raft in amazing locations. That was a Christmas holiday I will never forget.

The most important piece of advice for prospective study abroad students is take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. I cannot stress enough that wherever you are, your experience will be what you make of it.”