Programme information

One of the keys to successfully completing your course is your personal timetable which will be available to view through your student portal iExeter for Freshers Week from Thursday 29th August, your term one teaching timetable will be available from Monday 16th September 2018.

Please note: When you first view your timetable, you may only be able to see your compulsory modules. Once you have chosen your elective modules, staff will start entering your selection on to your timetable. Please understand it can take up to 48 hours after selecting your electives before these modules will appear on your timetable.


1 Personal timetables are available from MyTimetable as well as via the iExeter app. Please see MyTimetable help for information on how to export your timetable to other devices and applications.
2 During Freshers week and the first two weeks of term we hold a timetable clinic in the XFI Conference room where you can address any timetable related problems with our specialist team.
3 Always check which terms your modules are running and that they appear on your timetable, if a module isn’t showing on your timetable and it’s been more than 48 hours since selecting it, please visit our timetable clinic or contact a member of the Education Support Team at the Information Point in Building One.
4 Always look at the current week on your timetable as rooms/times may change from week to week. For example some classes may only run on certain weeks and not every week of term.
5 Some modules will have two lectures running each week, normally one hour each. These will be displayed as L1/01 (Lecture 1, Group 1) & L2/01 (Lecture 2, Group 1). This means different lecture material is being covered and you will need to attend both.
6 Some modules have large cohorts so are split into two lectures of the same material; these are identified as L1/01 (Lecture 1, Group 1) & L1/02 (Lecture 1, Group 2). Only one of these lectures will show on your timetable as the same material is being covered in both. 
7 It is usually safe to say that if a session has appeared on your timetable, you must go to it. 

Lectures start at 8.30am on Monday 23rd September – find out beforehand where your lectures are taking place as they may not be in the Business School, to view a map of the campus please click here.

9 Tutorials do not generally start until week 2 or even later, but still check Week 1 for any tutorials taking place.
10 Please remember that some modules will have sessions that do not begin until later on in the term – please look ahead to all weeks of term to ensure you know when your sessions are coming up. For example some modules only have one large workshop per term and this may not be held until week 8 or 9 of term. Your lecturer should tell you about this, but it is your responsibility to be aware of all timetabled sessions and not just the regular weekly ones. 

VERY IMPORTANT: You are not permitted to attend teaching sessions which do not appear on your personal timetable!

  • It causes overcrowding in lecture theatres/seminar rooms and affects other students
  • You may be marked absent for that session
  • If you would like to request a change to an alternative session, then please visit our timetable clinic or speak to a member of the Education Support Team at the Information Point in Building One. These requests are only authorised under certain circumstances but we will always try our best to help support your request if it's possible.


Classes may be timetabled between 8.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am - 5.30pm on Friday, although we try to keep Wednesday afternoons free from teaching.

In order to allow for class changeovers, classes start at thirty five minutes past the hour, and finish at twenty five minutes past the hour. This will give you 10 minutes to move around the campus to your next class.

The University authentication system can't identify you. If you are sure that you have used the correct username and password, you should contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.

Your student record must show that you are a current University of Exeter student registered (not provisional) on at least one credit-bearing module. Make sure that you have completed your registration with the University.

Your personal on-line timetable may have been suppressed. The message should have given further information, but if that is insufficient, you should contact the Education Support Team at the Information Point in Building One.

General programme and module timetables may be viewed on the Timetable Office web site but note that general timetables include all options and all class groups. To view a general programme timetable click here and for general module timetables click here.

The default view in your student portal is for the 'current' week, which may have none of your classes running. Try looking at a different period.

The Business School may not yet have attached you to some, or all of your classes within the timetable. Please visit our timetable clinic or contact a member of the Education Support Team.

Are you sure that the apparently conflicting classes occur in the same week? The timetable week (and/or term) numbers for each class are clearly shown. If you think you have a clash, please contact the Education Support Team.

The teaching timetable is planned and built to cater for the majority of module choices, but there will be times when it is not possible to ensure all modules that you want to take are clash-free. It is advisable to consider this scenario when choosing your modules, and select two or three alternatives just in case.

Please visit our timetable clinic during Freshers' Week or the first two weeks of term.

Once a change has been made to your student record, the revised information is normally available within 48 hours. For a new module, the Business School must attach you to its classes within the timetable before you can see them.