Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)

SSLC stands for Staff Student Liaison Committee. This means that we do exactly that – it is a place where staff and students meet and discuss ways that we can improve your educational experience. The SSLC ensures good communication between staff and students enabling their views and suggestions to be received and acted upon. Putting yourself forward as a ‘rep’ for your programme is a great way to get involved and will enhance your CV.
Elections will take place at the beginning of term so if you are interested in becoming a rep then please contact Lauren Wonnacott to find out more.

Students who are not directly involved in SSLCs can still be involved in the process. You are able to provide feedback which your reps will discuss in the committee meetings. Therefore if you have a concern or an idea your SSLC rep for your course is a good point of contact. A list of SSLC reps by year and programme will be available on the Postgraduate SSLC ELE page following the election at the beginning of term.

Education Enhancement Projects

The SSLC is not all about problems and issues. Reps will be invited to suggest ideas for enhancement and improvement. We want you to work with us to improve your experience at the Business School and so we run enhancement projects and Students as Change Agents projects. This is not exclusive to SSLC representatives and so anyone with a project idea should contact Lauren Wonnacott.