MSc Management

I studied Geography at Exeter’s Streatham Campus for my undergraduate degree and knew I wanted to stay at Exeter to pursue a Masters degree. I chose to stay on at Exeter as I already had friends and social contacts within the city and I involved in lots of societies and really wanted to carry on with this as I had such a good time.  The discount you get as an Exeter graduate when studying a Masters is also really attractive and big reason as to why I chose to stay at Exeter; it just makes studying a Masters more financially viable. What’s more, Exeter’s application process was really straightforward so it made it really easy for me to apply for the MSc Management.

After studying Geography I wasn’t sure what to do, I knew I wanted to go into something business related but didn’t have a specific area in mind. I chose MSc Management as I wanted a wide ranging course that exposed me to lots of aspects of business and this is exactly what this course does.

I don’t feel at a disadvantage not having done an undergraduate degree in business, if anything it felt like an advantage as my skills from my geography degree were particularly transferable and could be applied to the course. There’s a range of students on the course from all different academic backgrounds such as drama, history, architecture and many more.

I’ve really enjoyed the MSc and the wide variety of modules available has been particularly enjoyable. Although a lot of the content in different modules is new, I like how we can use information from one module on another module. The overlap is really interesting and gives you a different perspectives on things.

I really like the focus the programme has on helping you to getting a job and launch your career; the careers module has really helpful and effective in this. The module aims to help you to go out and get a graduate job by walking you through the different application stages of graduate schemes, as well as providing you with a career plan to really identify what you want to do in your career and what steps you need to do in order to get there.

I think my favourite thing about Msc Management is how applied the content is. All the theory that we learn is always applied to real world examples and can see how it is relevant in the real world.

All our lecturers have been really supportive throughout the process which has been so helpful as whenever I’ve had a problem there’s always been someone I can talk to. The cohort is also generally very supportive and I can talk to fellow students as well if I need help on an issue; everyone is always very willing to help.

I really like living in Exeter as it’s quite a small city so you always see someone you know. You get that friendly environment where it feels like you’re never too far away from a friend. I’ve also been able to explore a lot of the surrounding areas and have been on daytrips to places like Torquay, Exmouth and Dawlish.

I think the facilities on campus are great and as someone who actively does sport all the sports facilities are fantastic. There are loads of societies and sports clubs to take part in which are all really inclusive- I’m part of the Rugby League myself. It is one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about my time of at Exeter and I’ve loved being able to find friends in sports clubs.

After I finish my Masters I’ve got a job offer to work for an events company working in strategic procurement and will be starting this in September. I  had a lot of help from Exeter at the start of year advising me on graduate scheme assessment centres and interviews so I feel that helped me secure this role as I felt well prepared for my interview.