MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management 

Hanh was awarded the prestigious Business World Class Scholarship to study at the Business School and is enjoying the challenging nature of her course and experiencing a variety of cultures on campus.

"The reasons I chose the University of Exeter over other universities, is because of the generous funding opportunities available to international students, the vast mix of cultures on campus, its reputation for finance Masters programmes and the opportunity for students to partake in the QTEM programme. I also felt a connection with the University of Exeter and its beautiful campus, which I didn’t feel visiting other universities. If you want a peaceful setting, a challenging curriculum, and access to many opportunities then Exeter is definitely the place for you, it was the best decision I have ever made!

It was very important to me that during my studies I sharpened my English skills and experienced various cultures whilst living in the UK. I certainly have done this, Exeter has students from nearly 130 different countries. During my time in Exeter, I have made friends with students from Kenya, the Philippines, Mexico, Korea and many more. Studying in another country can be daunting, but I never feel alone while spending time here, students at Exeter are truly supportive and everyone takes care of each other.

I studied my undergraduate programme and graduated with Distinction from the National Economics University, Vietnam. Before deciding to come to the UK to study a Masters, I worked for 6 months at the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group, an NGO operating in Financial Inclusion and poverty elimination. I was also an intern of Jardine Lloyds Thompson, a multinational risk solution company branch in Hanoi.

The reasons why I chose the Financial Analysis and Fund Management programme (FAFM) was the opportunity to achieve so much in just one year, including working towards two levels of CFA qualifications and a Europe field trip to visit different financial institutions. It is one of the most selective and challenging Masters courses at the University of Exeter and I felt it was a good chance to test my limits.

Whilst I was applying for my studies, I researched universities paying close attention to the scholarships they offered. I found the Business World Class Scholarship, provided by The University of Exeter both interesting and challenging to apply for. The application essay, tests your ability to do research, understand principles in economics or finance and apply them in a full written report. Thanks to the scholarship application process, I was able to assess, as well as sharpen my research skills, knowledge and capacity. I’m very appreciative to have this honour, it has opened many doors for me.”

As a finance student, I was concerned about how universities could help me access databases in order to update key knowledge I would need for a career in the financial sector. At Exeter, I have access to Bloomberg, Thomson One, and Capital IQ databases, which are useful for me to complete my assignments as well as upgrade my general knowledge. Moreover, the Business School has good relationships with other networks and partners.

The Business School really cares about its students’ career paths; they organise a variety of workshops as well as assign career consultants for us. I have found many new opportunities since I arrived the UK including, opportunities for part-time jobs, workshops to improve my English and my job applications. I also had the opportunity to join a workshop in academic writing in the first semester.

After I graduate, I see myself pursuing a career as an analyst in M&A, risk management or behavioural economics, these are three areas that I am particularly interested in. My advice to any students looking to study this programme would be, know your expectations and set specific goals. Most importantly, hone your time management skills well so that you can have the best year ever."

Can you sum up your Exeter experience in four words?

Peaceful, healthy mind, challenging, opportunities.