"I’ve really enjoyed the variety the programme offers, if you want to push yourself and broaden your knowledge this course is perfect. I now better understand what a Masters is, I have become more rounded as not only do you need to master the course content you need to master many other areas such as communication and critical thinking which are equally as important as the course."

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MSc Accounting and Finance

Dimitrios liked the flexibility the MSc Accounting and Finance offered and that he could pick optional modules from across the Business School to diversify his skillset.

"Before coming to Exeter, I studied for my undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at the Alexander Technological Institute in my hometown in Greece. After completing my degree I worked in hospitality for a few years in a variety of sectors. However I began to focus on upgrading my knowledge as my degree was very accounting focussed and I wanted to diversify so I started looking for a master’s degree in the UK.

A big draw to this course was the amount of optional modules that were available, which meant I could really adapt the course to suit me. I had a clear idea of what I expected the course to be from my previous studies but it was very different to my expectations, in a good way! I thought there would be a heavy focus on reporting but there is much more including financial modelling modules which have equipped me with skills which are key to getting a job in the financial sector. We have also covered modules I didn’t expect, such as sustainability, which I had never really thought about in detail as having a connection to accounting. I’ve discovered new interests and widened my expertise whilst also developing my interpersonal, critical thinking and practical skills.

As I’d had a break from studying, I was a bit concerned about the learning expectations and workload. However you are giving a clear understanding of what is expected of you and I really enjoyed the second term as I had a better idea of how to approach the modules. The course content is challenging but at a Masters level it needs to be, I tackle things in a different way and I have been encouraged to be critical and broaden my thinking. In classes the tutors will challenge you and this inspires and motivates your private study as you want to learn more and have the answers needed to be able to contribute to the discussions.

One of my aims for coming to the UK was to build a global network whilst I was studying for my masters, as this is so important for building a successful career. I have been learning about new cultures and being open to meeting new people has allowed me to learn a lot and I have met some really exciting people. I have friends from Thailand to Korea and my network of connections has grown further than I ever thought it would.

There is a great deal of support for Business School students, I have had some help with my CV on how it should look and the best way to present myself to help find jobs after I graduate. I have also had sessions with the careers consultant on negotiations and how to approach interviews which makes me feel much more prepared for finding a job. I have also joined the career mentor scheme which is offered by the Career Zone, this is a great opportunity for you to meet someone from the field you want to go into and you can gain lots or advice and tips for succeeding in that industry.

My plan when I graduate is to find a job and start building my career. I would like to stay in the UK and have been looking for jobs in London but I have also looked at big cities in other countries and have applied for a few roles in Singapore. I strongly believe my time in Exeter has not only helped me apply for jobs, but successfully get more interviews due to its reputation. Additionally, the specialised knowledge my Masters has given me will help me stand out in the competitive finance sector.

I love how green the campus is and the walk to my lectures is very picturesque. There is so much going on in and around the campus and if you are into sports there are a lot of opportunities here, I have also loved being able to go surfing. Exeter is very well connected and it’s easy to go exploring as the train station in only a 15-minute walk from campus. When I have finished my dissertation I would really like to explore more of Cornwall and other parts of the South West because the scenery is just amazing! Socialising is also great here, there is a good mix of bars and most of them play live music from local artists which makes a nice break from studying. 

My advice to future students would be to try and get involved in as many extra-curricular activities as you can as they help enrich your CV and your employability. There are some great services to help you approach your research and critical analysis. One of my tutors Emma, really helped me with writing and avoiding plagiarism, how to effectively read articles and extract the important information quickly and gain a deeper understanding of topics more efficiently. These are things I was unsure of how to approach and her advice and assistance helped me get the most out of my degree."

Can you sum up your Exeter experience in four words?

Unique, challenging, inspiring, fascinating (experience).