MSc in Finance and Marketing

Originally from Venezuela, Diana particularly enjoyed the international environment that the University promotes. She chose her programme due to its unique combination of marketing and financial services, which provides a complete set of skills needed for the present day in the finance industry.

“I decided to apply to Exeter as it is the only University in UK that combines the two areas of marketing and financial services. At the present time, the finance industry is adapting to new technologies for the next generation, creating a strong visual identity and making it easier for people to understand the finance products. I think it is essential to apply the concepts of marketing and consumer behaviour in this sector to be successful. 
I also love the international environment that the University promotes for students. Its environmentally friendly, with peaceful surroundings, everything is close and Exeter locals like the students and engage with them.

I found the course very comprehensive; you acquire a lot of new knowledge and refresh some theories and I now have a rounded view about finances services and marketing. In addition, I found it both challenging and inspiring to work alongside people from around the world.

The programme has definitely prepared me for my career. I have the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop an amazing career in the financial sector. The careers team are very knowledgeable about the job market and they can provide you with useful tools to find a job.

‘Banking and Financial Services’ and ‘Marketing Strategy’ were the modules I found the most inspiring. The lectures always brought theories and concepts to life and showed how they are applicable in the real world, with plenty of examples and more dynamic classes. I really enjoyed it; each class was so exciting and interesting.

As an Exeter student, I have had many opportunities to meet people from around the world and share experiences through groups, sports and societies. For example, I am going to start learning Mandarin in China, thanks to the programme ‘Study in China’, which gives the opportunity to students that would like to learn Chinese. I work part time in a restaurant and I am a member of the Women in Business Society. I have also assisted with some English classes in INTO.

The advice I would give to future students is be open minded about meeting new people from around the world, go out of your comfort zone, make friends with people of different cultured and backgrounds, learn from them and try to work with a variety of people in each team assessment. All this will enrich you and prepare you for a globalised world.

The world is coming together. As future leaders, it is important to be inclusive to find better solutions, to prevent conflicts and make the world a better place to live.”