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Mike Jordan

Global Education Portfolio Manager and Academic Ambassador, SAP

Mike is responsible for SAP customer education on all Sustainability topics (Circular Economy, Natural Capital Accounting etc), as well as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

His role also involves providing SAP expertise for a university audience. He has a particular interest in the ethical use of technology, data science for ethical purposes and technology for enabling the Circular Economy.

What are the 3 qualities that you want to see in leaders coming up through your business?

  1. It is essential that the modern leader can align their organisation’s needs with the environment and society.
  2. A leader needs to be able to inspire their teams for the huge changes required by sustainable business models.
  3. A leader needs to be able to create and foster highly diverse teams.

What role can an MBA play in building better business?

  • A modern MBA needs to move beyond the standard approach of simply building business skills (as necessary as they are), to a wider set of capabilities and values that enable the student to engage with all stakeholders in society.
  • It should provide insight into the organisational role and impact on the environment. It should foster the imagination and courage to make the necessary changes that develop the business in a socially inclusive way, within planetary boundaries.