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David Potter

Advanced Manufacturing Markets Lead, EY

David leads in this sector for the People Consulting business. His role is to support organisations with the opportunities and challenges brought about by issues such as decarbonisation, automation and globalisation. Its solutions are centred on raising productivity, efficiency and growth. EY is a people business and people are at the heart of the transformation agenda.

What are the 3 qualities that you want to see in leaders coming up through your business?

  • Inclusiveness – we need leaders to build inclusive working environments where their team’s capabilities can thrive and develop
  • Inspiring – we need leaders who demonstrate the values they want others to live
  • Courageous – we need leaders who have the courage to lead, make decisions, take a risk and generate creativity

What role can an MBA play in building better business?

  • By supporting the above qualities for a start. The Exeter MBA needs to continually evolve its curriculum in support of that purpose as I believe it needs to remain agile and open to emerging thinking. In a nutshell, the Exeter MBA should help its candidates think again and reframe.