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Ayasta Pokharel

Safeguards and Compliance Engineer, Rural Access Programme

Ayasta works on a project called Rural Access Programme – Mugu Humla link road, that is helping develop road infrastructure in the remotest parts of western Nepal (one of the most under-developed regions in the country) employing local labour. She leads the Governance team that looks at cross-cutting areas in engineering, focusing on risk management, continual improvement across all project components, environmental and social safeguards, supply chain management, compliance with standards and communication. Ayasta also acts as a mentor and supervisor in a Graduate Programme for civil engineers who are starting in their careers.

What are the 3 qualities that you want to see in leaders coming up through your business?

  • Proactiveness
  • Accountability
  • Creativity

What role can an MBA play in building better business?

The MBA inspires students to be future leaders. It guides these future leaders to recognise complexities within systems, identify issues, realize their strengths and act in a way that protects the people and planet while preserving core values of the business. It raises difficult questions that compel students to think beyond the conventional, rationalise and challenge the status quo to make systems sustainable and better yet, regenerative. It helps drive new ideas by providing a platform for bright minds, leaders and actors to come together for change