Careers Coaching

The MBA Careers Programme has been designed to enable you to gain a full understanding of yourself as a successful and innovative professional in today’s global business landscape. Through the core year-long module, Personal Transformations, you will recognise the strengths, mindset, values, purpose, knowledge and experience you can bring to your selected industry. Using online and reflective assessments to inform your career development, you will also receive careers coaching to power your successful career transition.

Your dedicated MBA Career Consultant, Becky Kilsby, is a fully-qualified Career Guidance practitioner trained in the CTI Coaching approach and with experience in Middle East and UK universities. Becky brings a global mindset and her many years of experience in supporting successful career transitions across continents and sectors.

You will meet with Becky at least once a term to understand your unique career history and aspirations as Becky shares her knowledge of industry employment trends and how you can best present yourself to prospective global employers through a series of MBA employability workshops. From identifying your target role and organisation, presenting yourself successfully online and through tailored applications, to positive impact at interview, you will have year-long coaching and MBA-specific online resources to ensure you are well equipped to compete in this dynamic landscape.

Our Careers Consultant will also coordinate your professional entry in our annual Global Talent Book which is available to prospective employers and our corporate partners. To strengthen your evolving professional presence, you will participate in a Professional Impact Interview with successful business leaders from our corporate partners and your target organisations. With twice-yearly networking trips to London, and industry speakers within the curriculum, you will have the opportunity to build your professional network and further enhance your employability.

Through individual career coaching, you will develop confidence and an intelligent and realistic career strategy to ensure you gain clarity and a viable career transition plan for after graduation. With individual advice on your CV and Linkedin profile, you will be further armed to realise your career goals. You will also have access to our successful university-wide Career Mentor and eXepert schemes, which enable you to work with established professionals to further develop your contacts and professional impact.

Your MBA Consulting Project will be a key piece of the jigsaw in enabling you to move from your pre-MBA role, organisation or sector onto your new career path. Our Careers Consultant works closely with the MBA team to ensure these live business projects match your career aspirations.