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Module information

Strategic Sales Management

Module description

Sales is the only area of business to generate profit, so strong sales strategists – both inside and outside the sales function - are prized and rewarded by their organisations for their crucial contributions. This module equips leaders with the theoretical knowledge, strategic perspectives and applied skills to design, implement and direct a commercially successful sales operation. From embedding and integrating sales within an organisational ethos, to critically assessing the prospecting, sales and negotiating capabilities of salesforce staff, the module provides a holistic understanding of sales which is immediately transferable into the company boardroom.

Full module specification

Module title:Strategic Sales Management
Module code:MBAM966
Module level:M
Academic year:2021/2
Module lecturers:
  • David Brown - Convenor
Module credit:10
ECTS value:






Duration of module: Duration (weeks) - term 3:

5 days

Module aims

The aim of the module is for you to be able to:

  • To identify the strategic role of sales within organisations
  • To evaluate strategies for the design, operationalisation and management of the sale function of organisations
  • To analyse approaches to fulfilling organisational and customer needs through strategic sales management

ILO: Module-specific skills

  • 1. design, implementation and management of a commercial sales operation
  • 2. Critically analyse strategic approaches to salesforce and sales function management

ILO: Discipline-specific skills

  • 3. Appraise salesforce prospecting, negotiating and selling competencies
  • 4. Apply analytical forecasting, budgetary and performance management strategies
  • 5. Critically analyse strategic approaches to creating a ‘sales organisationÂ’

ILO: Personal and key skills

  • 6. demonstrate problem solving skills by adopting an evidence-based approach
  • 7. demonstrate effective written skills and critical evaluation
  • 8. deploy a creative framework for generating digital innovation; agile experience
  • 9. lead/conduct/critique proposals/high-level designs for new digital services

Syllabus plan

The module will be delivered in five sessions covering the following topics and will include group roundtable discussions, case studies and exercises.


Part 1

Part 2


Intros: the module, you & your organisations

Module assessment briefing

Becoming a sales organisation

The strategic roles and objectives of sales


Salespeople and sales managers

Purchasers and customers

The role of prospecting and database management

Appointment strategies and tactics.


Strategic Key Account Management

Principles of sales force management

RoundTable discussion of content so far

Recruitment, training and development of sales staff


Motivation and incentivisation of salespeople

Forecasting, budgeting, monitoring & feedback

International sales expansion

Trade exhibitions


Ethics & sustainability in sales strategy

The roles of technology in sales

Presentations to your co-learners.

Feedback and next steps

Indicative learning resources - Basic reading

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