The Business School will consider applications from students with the following status:

Erasmus Students

To be eligible for an Erasmus exchange with Exeter you must:

• be a nominated by your home University to inbound@exeter.ac.uk


• be a registered student at one of our Erasmus Partner universities

Please visit the Information on Erasmus for Incoming Students webpage for further information and application forms.

Study Abroad/International Exchange

If you are a student at one of our international exchange partners outside of Europe and you are interested in applying to study at the University of Exeter for a semester or a year, you should speak to the International Office at your home university. They will be able to advise you on their selection process and procedures.

Please visit the Study Abroad and International Exchange webpage for further information and application forms.

Visiting/Occasional Students

If you are based in Europe but not a student at one of our exchange partners you will require permission from your home University if your period of study at Exeter is to be taken as part of your degree. Please contact the International Development Team for further details on fees payable and the application procedure. 

The Occasional Student Application Form can be found on our Application webpage.

For all incoming Study Abroad students

• The agreement of modules you will study is yours and your home university’s responsibility only

• The University of Exeter cannot guarantee module availability, so you should ensure that your home university is flexible with your study options

• The modules you are taking will be finalised upon arrival and registration with the University of Exeter Business School.