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The aim of the OiT cluster is to foster multidisciplinary perspectives on the innovation of organisational systems through the engagement of advanced analytical methods; the pursuit of theory to inform practice.

Organisations in Transition

The "Organisations in Transition" research cluster is comprised of forty-three academics drawn from four of our five departments. This multidisciplinary research environment coalesces around three themes of common intellectual interest: Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Service Systems; Simulation, Analytics and Modelling.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation Management Capability

Particularly how innovation is embedded in organisational practice and how innovation capabilities dynamically change given competitive challenges.

Service Systems

Analysis, design and improvement of service systems

This includes research on innovative business models in a range of contexts.

Simulation, Analytics and Modelling

How innovative technologies can be embraced to provide intellectual insights and intelligence into organisational systems

This includes simulation methodologies such as discrete event, agent, and hybrid simulation approaches, particularly in the healthcare and offshore wind contexts.

Cluster-funded research projects

Principal investigator & Co-applicant(s)


Allen Alexander
Laura Smith, John Bessant, Bill Russell, Danielle Wynne, Natalie Rees

Knowledge intensive start-ups & knowledge intensive open innovation

This internationalisation-focussed visit brings together a number of opportunities to promote the new Organisations In Transition research cluster to a diverse audience; it also provides the opportunity for two of the cluster members to visit Boston’s “Knowledge Intensive High-Tech Start-Up Hubs” and enables direct support for one of the established OIT corporate partners – Hydro International Ltd.

Prof. Mari Paananen
Prof. Joanne Horton

Collaborative research project with the Business School at the University of Gothenburg investigating the impact of social networks on firm performance and sustainability: both for private and public entities

Overall, the aim of the project focuses on changes in management capabilities through social networks. Specifically we will be focusing on how innovation is generated through these social networks and help firms change given their competitive landscape.

Dr Navonil Mustafee

Developing capability and international links in the Simulation, Analytics and Modelling (SAM) theme within OiT

The purpose of this research exchange is to establish collaborative research activities between the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center and the University of Exeter Business School.

Dr Navonil Mustafee
Prof. Andi Smart

Modelling the operations of offshore wind turbines: Development of a pedagogical tool for decision making and a hybrid-distributed DES and ABS model of MRO activates

The proposal follows from our recently concluded project INTERREG Mer-Innovate, and our proposal is mainly on carrying out further research identified during the project.

Prof. Nazrul Islam
Dr Alfonso Avila-Robinson

Evolution of cancer immunotherapies in the health-care innovation systems

There is a need for innovation research to understand the emergence and progress of cancer immunotherapies. This proposal sets out to explore the (a) the scientific and technological knowledge landscapes and (b) the components and structure of the emerging biomedical and clinical innovation system building around cancer immunotherapies.

Prof. Nazrul Islam
Prof. Vijesh Jain
Dr Bill Russell

Comparative study of the impact of changing trends in customer buying behaviour on the content monetization strategies of digital publishers in U.K. and India

This research proposal is focused on studying the new trends of customer reading and buying behaviour and what contribution innovative technologies are playing in the development of new business models being deployed by different digital publishing companies in U.K. and India for their very survival.

Laura Phillips
Prof. Andi Smart

Exploring the role of digital infrastructure in business model innovation

This proposal is to support research activity with BT, the collaborative pilot study proposed is intended to operationalise a strategic partnership being pursued by the university.

Stuart Robinson
Dr Nav Mustafee, Prof. Andi Smart

DEEVA (Data, Experiences, Ecosystems and Value Co-creation)

DEEVA is a three year project in which Exeter has the opportunity to collaborate with  four Finnish Universities: Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences and the University of Tampere.

Prof. Gareth Shaw
Dr Isabelle Cloquet

Opportunities for innovation in the nexus between an ageing UK, tourism and wellbeing: the perspective of social organizations

The aim of the project is not only to add to social theory on the topic under scrutiny; it is also to embed the research and its outcomes deeply in its social environment. Furthermore, the project builds on and connects with other research schemes in which Prof. Gareth Shaw and the researcher have been involved over the past three years, including the EU Cost Action IS1204 Tourism, Cultural Ecosystems services, and Wellbeing.

Cluster events

The IMPACT Network Meeting 2

Information, Modelling, Prediction and evaluation to inform ACTion (IMPACT) is a network of academics, health and social care managers and practitioners, clinicians, information analysts and patients in Torbay and South Devon delivering research impact and excellence in practice. 

This is the second IMPACT network event titled "Application of Modelling, Real-time Data and Visualisation for Healthcare Decision Making". OiT cluster members Nav Mustafee and John Powell will co-chair the event on 23 November 2016, 9.00 - 17.30 at the Exploration Lab 2 (Forum, Univeristy of Exeter, Streatham Campus). Click here to view a full schedule and read more about the event.

Research visit to Tampere University of Technology

Dr Nav Mustafee and Stuart Robinson visited the University of Technology's campus near Tampere in Finland. Read more about the collaborative workshop.

Cluster visit by Dr. Korina Katsaliaki

The OiT cluster (Simulation, Modelling and Analytics theme) invited Dr. Korina Katsaliaki to visit Exeter Business School from 10-14 October and to deliver a seminar on “Modelling the Blood Supply Chain”. Read more about Dr. Katsaliaki's visit.

OR58 Conference

The OiT cluster (Simulation, Analytics and Modelling sub-stream) organised the Health and Social Care Modelling stream at the UK Operational Research Society's 58th Annual Conference (OR58), 6 - 8 September, University of Portsmouth.

The stream was among the largest at this year's conference and included three keynote speakers (two academic keynotes - Prof. Bernard P. Zeigler, Arizona State, and Prof. Thierry Chaussalet, University of Westminster) and one practitioner keynote (Dr. Andrew Fordyce, NHS South Devon and Torbay NHS Trust). The stream was organised by Nav and Prof. John Powell. Further information on the stream could be found here.

EDWAS grant

The OiT cluster (Simulation, Analytics and Modelling) has been successful in securing a small grant, funded through ESRC Impact Acceleration Account – Economic Development and Welfare Award Scheme Application, for joint research work with IIM, Bangalore. The title of the project is ‘Empowering People to make Healthcare Choices through Business Intelligence: A Scoping Study and Pilot’. The PI of the project is Nav and the CI is Prof. Dinesh Kumar from IIMB. The value of the award is £6551.

Cluster visit by Dr Mehdi Amiri-Aref

The OiT cluster was recently visited by a colleague from Kedge Business School (Bordeaux): Dr Mehdi Amiri-Aref spent a week working with the team. Read more about Dr Amiri-Aref's experience in the Business School.

Impact activities

The IMPACT Network - Information, Modelling, Prediction and evaluation to inform ACTion

A network of academics, health and social care managers and practitioners, clinicians, information analysts and patients in Torbay and South Devon delivering research impact and excellence in practice.

OiT cluster members Nav Mustafee, John Powell and Andi Smart are among the organisers of the meetings.

View details about the past Learning and Impact events