Dr Monika Tarsalewska

Lecturer in Finance

Research area

My research interests include various topics related to empirical and theoretical corporate finance. My papers on the timing of mergers and acquisitions and the role of equity incentives have been published in internationally recognised journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Business Ethics and I am currently a member of European Finance Association.

What is the name of your current research project, and what does it focus on?

In one of my recent research projects, I studied venture capital and financial reporting quality in newly public firms. We found that firms backed by venture capitalists have better internal controls over financial reporting. The paper was nominated to an award at the ICGS conference.

What other institutions/partners are involved in the project?

I work with researchers based at institutions around the world; including universities located in Canada, U.S. and Australia.

What impact do you hope the research will have?

My research has an explicit impact on stock markets. For example, in our current project we show that internal control seems to be informative only for firms backed by venture capitalists. This might have important implications for investors and their ability to extract information.

What are the potential challenges involved in your research?

Currently, the nature of research has become increasingly more complex and requires more sophisticated research techniques and more extensive datasets. Also, as research progresses it becomes more interdisciplinary and collaboration and co-operation of researchers from different fields, universities and countries is necessary.