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Teaching related to the Centre

Taught modules

Undergraduate level
Sustainable and Responsible Finance (BEA3028) Sustainable finance integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into financial decisions. This module will introduce students to the latest development of theory and practice in sustainable and responsible finance. Students will develop an understanding of the principles underlying sustainable and responsible decision-making in finance, their theoretical underpinning, and the guidelines on how to apply them in business and investment practice. The module is based on evidence from rigorous academic research. The teaching is organised in the form of weekly lectures and workshops.
Postgraduate level
Corporate Governance and Finance (BEAM052) The module bridges the gap between corporate finance and corporate governance. It introduces the concept of corporate governance, discusses its theoretical underpinnings, and details the role of various internal and external governance mechanisms in addressing agency problems arising in modern corporations. The module also highlights the differences between governance systems across the world. The course material is based on seminal readings as well as more recent academic research in the area and it demonstrates the relevance of corporate governance issues to both business and policy makers. The teaching is organised in the form of lectures and smaller-group seminars.

Supervision of UG, MSc and PhD Dissertations

We welcome enquiries for supervision topics on sustainable finance.