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The Service Science Forum brings together practitioners from government and organisations interested to understand and grow their service business, and address the challenges a service orientation might bring.

Forthcoming events


Event:  The Spring Servitization Conference 2013 : Servitization in the Multi-organisation Enterprise
Date:  20th - 21st May 2013
Location: Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK
Event:  The 20th International Annual EurOMA Conference
Date:  8th - 12th June 2013
Location:  Dublin, Ireland
Event:  The 13th International Symposium on Service Excellence in Management
Date:  10th - 13th June 2013
Location:  Karlstad, Sweden
Event: The 2013 Naples Forum on Service
Date:  18th - 21st June 2013
Location:  Capri, Italy
Event: The 4th International Research Symposium in Service Management
Date:  2nd - 6th July 2013
Location: Kerala, India
Event: 2013 Frontiers in Service Conference
Date:  4th - 7th July 2013
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Event: 2013 Annual Meeting of the Service Management and Science Forum
Date: 4th - 6th August 2013
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Event: 2013 International Conference on Business Servitization
Date: 7th - 8th November 2013
Location: Granada, Spain

ISR conference participation

Please visit our Past Events pages to find out what conferences the ISR team have participated in this year.



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