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Centre for Circular Economy (new)

Centre for Circular Economy

The Exeter Centre for Circular Economy (ECCE) was formally launched in September 2018 by Dame Ellen MacArthur. ECCE is a new research centre comprising staff based in three locations, Streatham, Penryn and London. We are a multi-disciplinary team composed of economists, engineers, designers, sociologists, management academics and practitioners.

Our vision is ‘to be the leading UK centre for Circular Economy engaging in innovative research, knowledge transfer and executive education projects. We engage in projects that develop Circular Economy theory and practice designed to transform our economy, creating regenerative wealth and well-being’.

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We conduct an extensive range of world-class marine research across various disciplines.

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Our advanced and multifaceted research facilities are available for staff, students, and collaborative research.

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Our marine research exists and excels because of our collaborations with multiple external partners.