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Circular Economy in Motion

As part of the Frontiers of Engineering for Development programme of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Circular Economy in Motion is a programme for exchanging knowledge, experiences, methodologies and tools, and is contributing to the dissemination Circular Economy principles in emerging economies starting in Latin America. 

The main part of the programme was an online event - Circular Economy in Motion: Online Bootcamp, which took place in October and addressed different topics divided into two modules. 

The first one, ‘Get Inspired’, brought together speakers from Latin America and Europe to explore what is happening in the region and discuss the relevance of this paradigm as a resilient development model in a post-pandemic context. This panel discussion was followed by ‘Get in motion’ and ‘Get in action’, a 180-minute workshop facilitated under Innodriven's Circular Design Thinking methodology. 

It aimed to generate new skills and knowledge to identify opportunities for the incorporation of circular patterns into business models. In addition, the participants rated 10 necessary steps to accelerate circular entrepreneurship in the region, laying the ground for multidisciplinary and international collaboration. Circular Economy in Motion: Online Bootcamp was organised by the University of Exeter, University of the West of Scotland and Fomento Mexicano, in partnership with 3Vectores and Innodriven. In addition, it was a side event of the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEFonline). 

This day brought together 554 live attendees, and the recording of the panel has reached 1500 views. For Spanish speakers who missed this event – watch it here: CE in Motion: Online Bootcamp - YouTube 

Read the full report in English here




Date: 20 January 2021

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